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Review: Must-Have Back Seat Car Organizers

There is nothing better than a product that not only keeps out car clean, but helps keep our children happy. Take a look at this review of the Dmoose Organizer.

Product: Back Seat Car Organizers for Kids Back Seat Car Organizer

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Specs: 24 Inches (H) X 19 Inches (W) (60 cm X 48 cm)

Material: Supreme Quality 600D Polyester and Neoprene

Batteries: N/A


My Rating: 10 out of 10

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We all know how wonderfully frustrating it can be to travel long distances in a vehicle with our little ones. Most toddlers don’t  want to be strapped in a seat for hours, unable to move. (insert the melt downs here!) Like many moms I am always looking for something to make my life easier so I did some research and found a great back seat car organizer that gets my number one vote when traveling long distances.

Have you ever taken a long road trip with your toddler and realized that they have already played with every single toy in the first hour?  I’ve been there and we had four more hours left on the road. Sigh lol. This is what inspired me to actually find the organizer that could provide entertainment as well as organize our road trip.

The organizer I talk about below is awesome. It’s functional, durable, waterproof, and most importantly, makes my life easier!

Back Seat Organizer Review

Space for a Tablet

Even though I try to make a habit of limiting video time, an organizer with room for electronics can work wonders when your toddler is bored and fussy.

The trick is to have educational (or fun) videos already downloaded so that you don’t need a WIFI signal.

Plenty of Pockets

Most parents are aware at this point in their child’s life that ample snacks and activities are essential to a tear free ride. An organizer allows us to have snacks, toys, books, and even trash in one area. LOVE it! It has a large pocket to store coloring books and newspaper, a deep pocket to store baby diapers and wipes, and four various sized mesh pockets with elastic top for snacks and toys

 Headphone Slits

When your child is old enough, especially if you have more than one tot in the backseat, most IPads and Tablets can be paired with a set of headphones as well. I call that a win-win for all!

Carabiners on Each Side

It comes with two carabiners to hang your toys, car keys, umbrella etc.

Thermal Pockets 

This feature is a unique one that isn’t found in most backseat car organizers.

Keep your drinks extra cold or hot for 6-8 hours with a thicker 4mm neoprene insulation. These deep and stretchy drink holders fit even your bigger sippy cups.


Extra-long straps to ensure a perfect fit for any car and back support with Strong Buckles to avoid sagging and to make sure your items don’t fall while driving.

thermal pockets

Pros and Cons

Pros: This organizer has multiple features that are unique to this particular product, including the thermal pockets, extra belt strap, and carabiners.

Con: My only con is that the price is slightly about some of the others, but you do get better quality.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE – You will receive a full refund or replacement for life to ensure premium craftsmanship

I love this organizer, I must say!  How do you make sure long distance traveling goes smoothly? Let me know below! If you happen to be traveling by air, check out my post on traveling with your toddler ASAP and remember to check out my other product reviews! ! Looking for something cheaper, try this organizer.


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  • Jim

    Hi Kayla, this is interesting because our kids aren’t kids anymore and I read your post and was thinking that my wife and I could have really used this on a recent road trip that we were on. Although it was just the two of us, each time we needed to grab something that was packed, it resulted in a rest area stop and into the hatchback digging through the suitcase. This would have been a much more efficient way to travel and I’ll be taking a closer look before our next road trip…thanks for the tip! Jim M

    • Kayla

      You are very welcome Jim! I absolutely agree with you. These are essential for traveling with kids but they are also a life saver when it’s just the adults in the car. It’s really and overall great product.

  • John Rico

    Hey there! This is a really great review about the Car Backseat Organizer by DMoose. My family and I love to travel places but every time we travel the car literally becomes a mess because of my sister’s children. This is a great way to organize their stuff. I really appreciate you sharing this because I really need this since they ride with my in my car all the time. Thank you for sharing this product.

  • Natalie

    Those organizers were such a blessing when the kids were little. I had them stuffed with snacks, little toys, and wet wipes! Great way to stay organized and have everything I needed. Once I put them in though….I realized that they were always great!! We have had them since and now the kids are 12 and 14!! We still have snacks and wet wipes and now things like battery chargers for devices and travel journals. GREAT inventions and a must for parents no matter the age of the kids!

    • Kayla

      I absolutely LOVE ours! LoL. Of course I totally agree with you. It’s a wonder why I surprisingly don’t see them around as much as they should be.

      Wow 12 and 14. One day when I get there I will thank of this 🙂 Clearly useful for all ages.

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