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Easy and Fun Activities for Toddlers: Balloons

Let’s face it, most toddlers are a ball of energy all day! It is our job to look out for their well being, but as far as they are concerned, it’s their job to have fun! While there is nothing wrong with that,  sometimes it can be a challenge to keep our little ones entertained. So today I was thinking of some fun activities for toddlers that I know are a hit, and something very simple struck me. Balloons!

Some fun for my toddler cost me $1.00 at the dollar store. Can’t beat that! Sometimes fun activities for toddlers can be just that simple.

Get Your Toddler Moving!


  1. Your toddler will want to throw the balloons up, kick them, and sometimes squeeze. So a great tip is to refrain from blowing the balloons up as big as they will go. Leave a little room in the balloon’s elasticity for toddler play 🙂
  2. Watch your toddler while he plays, or just be in the same room. If any balloons pop, which they usually don’t, you will want to scoop those up so they don’t go in anyone’s mouth!
  3. Enjoy!

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