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40+ Amazing Family Halloween Costumes


Aug 2023 Update!

Check out this awesome list of some of my favorite family Halloween costumes! It’s only a few days until September and honestly that in itself is fair game to start the Fall season haha.

You really don’t want to miss these! We included DIY family costumes, easy Halloween costumes, unique costumes, and fun character costumes for mom, dad, baby, and kids 🙂

I love Fall. So so much. I just do. Pumpkin spice, weather, sweaters and boots, and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. I love it all! It’s never to early to start getting ideas for this year’s family costumes! I am also a DIY type of mom. I do crafts with the kids and when the Holidays come I like to do crafts myself as well.

I scoured the internet looking for ideas that I thought were worthy of being included on this list, and great DIY too. So take a look below and I hope you get inspired!

If you check out my Holidays page under “Toddler Activities”, you will also see a post for a s’mores family halloween costume as well!

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Family Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

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1. Family S’mores Costume

Check out my s’mores family halloween costume here! I did this one a while back as you can see but I still get compliments and inquiries about this family costume. My babies were so young!

2. Exterminator Mouse Costume

How cute is this 🙂 Grab an exterminator costume along with a mouse outfit and cheese, then get creative with wood and tape!

3. Ice, Ice Baby

So easy, yet so adorable!

Source: @keely_gilbert

4. Wednesday and Adams Family

This classic was rebooted and Netflix and Wednesday is the star! Here are some great costume find! Wednesday | Wednesday2 | Wednesday 3 | Adams Family

5. Lego Family Costume

You can make these with empty boxes and empty fruit cups! And colored spray paint of course. Check out the how-to in the link under the picture.

Source: Costume Works

Bubble Bath Costume

Check out this cute idea!

Halloween Party Shirts

Find these cool shirts here!

6. Barbie Family Costume

Simple and cute! 2023 is definitely the year of Barbie and these costumes are so cute!

Shop The Barbie Box!

7. Three Little Pigs

Now this idea is just adorable. Check out the instagram link below to see this idea. Such cute little piggy costumes!

8. Doughnuts and the Makers Family Costume

I love this little DIY idea 🙂 Check out the How-to under the picture!

Source: Costume Works

9. Pokémon Family Costume

Pokémon is classic and this costumes are an easy find!

10. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

Every child has seen Peter Pan done before, but adding the Lost Boys is awesome! I love this peter pan costume!

Checkout Target’s Family Costume Collections!

11. Bubblegum Family Idea

Perfect for the little ones and super cute. If you don’t have time to DIY, I found an adorable bubblegum machine costume!

Family T-shirt Costumes

Etsy is full of awesome t-shirt ideas for Halloween! This is great if you don’t have time for a do-it-yourself project or you need something as minute. Take a look at the ideas below and shop the look under the pictures!

12. Incredibles Family Shirts

13. Halloween Matching Shirts

14. S’mores

15. Snow White and The 7 Dwarves

16. Ketchup and Mustard Shirts

17. Family Candy Costume

18. Family Crayon Shirt

19. Maternity Skeleton T-shirts

20. Family Jack-O-Lantern Shirts

Fun Family Costumes!

21. Baby Shark Costume!

Clearly a classic! This is also a super comfy and super warm way to spend Halloween 🙂

22. Mommy and Me Nesting Doll

How awesome is this. I love when I find things that I’ve never seen before.


23. Sunshine and Rain

Love this! Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!!

24. Glow-in-The-Dark Skeleton Onesie

Super cozy if it’s colder in your area! This is Classic Halloween attire.

25. Family Dominoes Costume

26. Ariel and Sebastian

Check this out at! I think this is adorable.

27. Rock, Paper, Scissors

28. Ghost Busters

Another classic, you just have love it.

Source : Unknown
Shop the Look Here!

29. Wizard of Oz

Check it out on Instagram 🙂
Shop Wizard of Oz Costumes Here!

30. Spaghetti Chef

Spaghetti baby? Yes, please!

Check it out on Instagram

31. Cat in the Hat

32. M&M Family

33. Disney Princess Families

My baby girl would love this so much! I mean it would just go over so well LOL

34. Moana Inspired Family

35. Flinstones Family Costume

Check it out on Instagram and
Shop the Look here!

36. Family Simpsons Costumes

Simpsons? Classic? Cool? Not done by anyone? Love it! You can get the heads here! Or Put your own ideas together here.

Looking for Awesome Family Halloween Costumes? Well You Don't Want To Miss These! We Included DIY Family Costumes, Easy Halloween Costumes, and Fun Character Costumes for Mom, Dad, Baby, and Kids
Check it out on Etsy

37. Family Winnie the Pooh Costume

I love Winnie The Pooh Costumes and this cute Honey Onesie or baby honey pot!

38. Chipmunks Costumes

39. Cat in The Hat Family

My kids would love this so much! I did a cat and the hat theme for my son’s baby shower 🙂

40. Bun In The Oven Costume

How perfect is this for those who are expecting this Halloween 🙂 Shop the look here!

Daenerys Targaryen And Dragons

Does anybody other than me miss Game of Thrones?! I love these ideas! Shop these looks here!

Halloween Pajamas!

Shop this look here!
Shop the look here!

That’s it!

For more AMAZING costume ideas, check out my post on other DIY Halloween Costumes as well and also this awesome post on family diy costumes!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and your kids enjoy it as well. Please comment below and let me know some costumes that you have done in the past or plan to do this year! I would love some ideas!

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  • Bruce

    Family time is a very important time that we all should always cherish and be committed to as it helps us bond well with our families, Halloween can be  a very sweet time to have fun with your family and this is through the costumes you choose, I love your recommendations, they are kinda cool for a family.

  • Nath

    Honestly, considering how simple and straightforward most of these are here, I must say I love most of what you have here. Most of the time in the past, we have always bought Halloween costumes and seeing how you have given all these suggestions of just using the very minimal household objects and all. Wow! Definitely trying this out

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