Personalized Necklaces for Mom

The Best Ever Personalized Necklaces for Mom

Over the holidays I had the privilege of partnering with a company called HeartKeep and it resulted in a chance to own literally the most awesome personalized necklaces for moms! So excited! Now don’t get me wrong. Dads, grandparents, aunties, caregivers, and other friends and family would absolutely love it too, but as a mom, I know personally that my heart absolutely melted!

SN: I love doing reviews in general, because I just feel like it’s very helpful to hear details from someone who has actually tried what you are looking at. You can check out more Keep Toddlers Busy Reviews here. Okay back to this awesome personalized necklace.

custom necklace gift
My 5 year Old’s Drawing, use KEEPTODDLERSBUSY for your discount is a jewelry company that makes personalized custom jewelry. The twist here is that they don’t just make custom names, but they will make keepsake pictures and memories into jewelry that lasts forever!

According to there site, “It can be a drawing from your child’s first day at kindergarten, a love note left in your lunchbox, or your dad’s signature. Your memory will be brought to life and you will receive a piece of jewelry like no other. Yours will be the only one in the world like it. Keep it with you forever.”

HeartKeep Customized Jewelry: How Does It Work?

It’s so easy and fun!

All I did was grab one of my son’s family drawings and take a picture of it on my phone. Then I created an account on the site, uploaded my the picture, picked out my size and metal for the necklace, and then completed my order.

It took a few weeks to receive the necklace ,(anything custom will) and what came in the mail was so worth the wait! Take a look below to see instructions provided by the company!

keepsake necklace

Unboxing and My Reaction

So I love, Love, LOVE this necklace! It’s high quality and fit just right. My husband, mom, and entire family loved it! I smile at the thought of having this little reminder when my children are older and are not drawing pictures of the family anymore 🙂

My Heartkeep Necklace

heartkeep necklace
Love it!

Check out a few more examples of the perfect personalized necklaces for mom, grandma, or whoever means a lot to you!

Well that’s it! Be sure to check this company out and use KEEPTODDLERSBUSY for your discount. These are perfect for gifts or just a little keepsake for yourself!

Have you tried custom necklaces before? Let me know what you think in the comment section below! Keep Toddlers Busy


  • Rodarrick

    Wow! I’m definitely sharing this with my wife at home today. The only time she attempted to have something like this personalised chain done, it was woeful and worse to see the product. Hence, I feel that this should be worth giving a trial to, having seen what it looks like on you and how they were able to do it. Thanks

  • Carmen

    What a wonderful idea. Have a personalized necklace with a memory from when your child was still part of the family lol. I enjoyed your post and the presentation of personalized models of necklaces. Thank you for making it your time to share with us. I have never tried custom necklaces but this is would be worth my time.

  • Kell

    This is really a nice piece of information about personalized necklaces. I will love to have this as a gift for someone very dear to me. I love the fact that you can take anything like photo or anything and it will be made into a beautiful necklace.

    The photo you posted above of “this is my family” is so adorable. I will love to make an order.

    Thank you for this post.

  • MrBiizy

    I Kayla, just like you, when I am looking for reviews online, I am really excited to read the reviews of people that have actually had some experience with the product or service; that way they can really say much about the item. These customised necklace are the best indeed. I truly love them because they look exactly like the drawings and they truly bring the drawings to alive. I love HeartKeep; this company really did a great job.

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Nuttanee

    Oh my gosh, the necklace from Heartkeep and from your child’s drawing is priceless. I think this is better than the picture, you can also give this to them when they grow up. What a nice thoughtful gift and it is so much fun! I never bought customed necklace before but I would love to try. How much did you pay for your designed? Can you choose the materials? 


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