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Top 20 Sites with Free Coloring Pages for Kids: Printable

There is something very sweet about watching a toddler or even an older child sit down and color in their favorite coloring book. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they are actually being quiet (lol) or if it’s just the realization that a child coloring is a universal activity that spans all countries and cultures. Maybe it’s also that fact that coloring books span generations as well. I clearly remember completing every page of my favorite princess coloring book as a child. Either way, coloring has always been a staple activity in my house because it’s such an easy, yet fun (and time consuming for my toddler) activity.

Below I have put together what I think is the ultimate list of sites that have free coloring pages for kids. They are printable and you will be able to find great coloring pages suitable for toddlers as well. When my toddler was younger, I used non toxic, easy to grip crayons similar to these to get him started. I hope enjoy this list and let me know if you have any other favorite sites that I have missed!

Here Are Your Free Coloring Printables Websites!

Coloring.WS Coloring Pages
Crayola Coloring Pages
Hello Kids Coloring Pages
Disney Princess Coloring Pages
Super Coloring Pages
Free-Coloring Pages
Kids-N-Fun Coloring Pages
First-School Coloring Pages
Super Simple Learning Coloring Pages Coloring Pages
Kids Coloring Pages
Best Coloring Pages
Twisty Noodle Coloring Pages
Coloring-4kids Coloring Pages
Colouring Page Coloring Pages
Coloring Book Fun Coloring Pages
Princess Coloring Pages
Color It By Numbers Coloring Pages
Get Coloring Pages

Comment below if you or your kids enjoy these print outs and if you have any recommendations for other sites!


  • Justin C.

    Thank you so much for this article. Coloring books can cost an arm and a leg over time. Not that its not worth it because my older nephew actually colors inside the lines and really has a lot of fun.

    But… my younger nephew loves to color everything and it upsets my the older boy a little. Needless to say he doesn’t always want to save his pictures.

    I love to color with the boys and i’m 28. I like the time we spend together while coloring as its very relaxing and we always have a few laughs.

    Now, however, i can print as many pictures as i want and the younger boy can go to town on those until he gets older and understands what he’s doing a bit more.

    Needless to say my older nephew is going to be really happy 🙂

    • Kayla

      I enjoy it sometimes too! lol. There are actually a lot of adult coloring pages online as well. I’m glad you and your family will enjoy the free coloring pages and maybe your nephew will have enough variety so that he won’t want to color on other things lol.

  • carol

    Thanks for sharing this long list of sites for free coloring pages. It will come in very handy for parents, teachers and all those of us who are involved in helping to nurture kids development. It seems as if there is something magical about coloring. I find that kids always turn to coloring after completing an assignment in class. It is just a very engaging activity for kids. I will bookmark this page.

  • Ronnie Jordan

    This is very helpful. It is a great way to get your child doing something and it is just a click away. Do you ever run into places that want to charge you for these pages? This sure helps on the wallet too.

    • Kayla

      Yup there are places that charge for more in depth pages or they require you to do other things to obtain the pages. All of these links provide completely free resources for coloring pages 🙂

  • Craig

    Thanks for the wonderful list of free pages for coloring. I honestly had no idea something like this existed until right now. Coloring books have gotten outrageous in the recent past, I think a lot of that being driven by adults starting to color as mentioned above. This is a wonderful way to keep things cheap though since little ones often quickly destroy coloring books…Thanks again for the wonderful resources!

  • Maurice Jackson

    I can appreciate letting a child color pictures it is a way for them to express themselves freely. Especially if it is a free hand drawing or a page from a book they select. That way the adult gets a little peak into their minds. Let your child’s imagination flow

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