Traveling Tots

One aspect of parenting a toddler that often brings terror to the hearts of parents is traveling! It may not be everyone but it is certainly something I have to think twice about. With toddlers we have to worry about snacks, keeping them bust and occupy, decreasing the chances of tantrums, making sure they get some sort of sleep, and much, much more.

Since this is a topic that comes up quite often in mommy discussions, this will be a page dedicated to making the travel experience with our toddlers, babies, and older children, more enjoyable, efficient, and seamless.


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  • Vanessa

    Travel organizers are awesome! I like how the car is tidy and you can find everything in one place. It’s funny because my fiance and I bought a second-hand car that was owned by a mother, and even though we cleaned the car, we still keep on findings little toys and legos every couple of months. It’s cure that we find their things, but I can imagine that it’s not so great for her kids who for sure thought they lost their toys forever. Travel organizers can help with this problem.

    Anyway I really like how you can store your Ipads and Tablets too. Nothing worse than a child being fussy and crying out of boredom throughout most of a road trip. I was like that fussy child when I was a kid. My parents got so fed up they stopped going on trips for a few years lol.

  • Ahtisham ja

    Thanks for sharing along the right concerns of dad and mom. I also get afraid when my daughter go out on vacations trip. I dont want to deny her freedom and thats why your current post will help me in making better decisions. I appreciate your efforts and would be in touch through bookmarking the site.

    Thanks again

  • Laura

    Thanks, creating this resource. I’m always on the lookout for useful tips and tricks that will make traveling with my toddler as simple as it can be.

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