Fall Crafts For Kids: Life-Sized Scarecrow Painting!

1. Large roll of Brown Paper. 2. Washable Paint for Kids. 3. I use paint tape to hold the paper down. 4. Art smocks of art bibs for the kids. 4. A bowl for the water, and napkins. 5. Large kids paint brushes! 6. A big canvas for the paint.

Giant Scarecrow Art Materials

1. First, I downloaded a cartoon scarecrow to print out for inspiration!

2. Then, I spread the brown paper on the floor and tapped the edges.

Scarecrow Painting Setup

3. Next I had my daughter lay down on the floor and traced her body outline in pencil first. I then went back over it in marker!

4. Next, using my picture of the scarecrow for inspiration, I drew overalls, face, hair, hat, and shirt with the black marker.

5. As they painted, I helped to guide them with colors and painting in some areas, but in other areas I let them free paint and be creative!

Fall Crafts For Kids: Life-Sized Scarecrow Painting!