How To Make An Easy  Galaxy Sensory Bottle For Kids

1. I used a VOSS bottle 2. Crayola Washable Paint 3. Both Glitter Glue and fine glitter from the dollar store. 4. Medium Craft Glitter 5. Baby oil 6. Chunky Glitter Stars 7. It’s not completely necessary, but a funnel was helpful 8. Gorilla glue for the bottle top!


Start with using warm or even hot water in your bottle to help everything dissolve and mix better. Fill the bottle about 2/3 of the way.

Next, squirt all of the glitter glue into the bottle. We used a skinny tube of glitter glue along with a bigger bottle of glitter glue in another color.

Then you will add the color! You do not need a lot of paint! Just dip the brush in the paint bottle and then mix it in the water!

If you get a color that is too purple, you can go back and add more blue. Or you can use a completely different color.

Next you will notice that after a few minutes, and adding the color, the water is more loose.

If you choose to add more fine glitter, just be aware that it can change the hue of the galaxy bottle.

Finally, add a little more water. And there you have it, the perfect little galaxy bottle.

How To Make An Easy No-Dye Galaxy Sensory Bottle For Kids