Super Fun 2 for 1 Sensory Activity & Art Craft 

– Pasta – Acrylic paint – Ziplock bags – Parchment paper – White school glue – Cardstock or Construction paper

Sensory Craft Materials

Gather various shapes and sizes of pasta that you hopefully already have in your pantry.

Prepare the Pasta for the Sensory Activity

Then, place the pasta in Ziplock bags and add your choice of acrylic paint.

Color Your Pasta

Once all the pasta pieces are well coated with paint, spread them out on a piece of parchment paper and let them dry.

Let It Dry

For us, the next day it was time to create! We started by tracing out various shapes and pictures. Then, we used white school glue to stick the colored pasta.

Create Your Masterpiece

Super Fun 2 for 1 Sensory Activity & Kid’s Craft You’ll Love