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8 Easy Ways Your Kids Can Help Out: Daily Chores For Kids

Check out simple daily chores for kids, starting around 5 years old, that are easy to incorporate into the day!

When it comes to maintaining a balanced and organized home (or sometimes just a livable home lol), involving my kids in daily chores is not only a great way to instill responsibility and teamwork but also gives mommy a little break too. 

It’s also a can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together, nurturing their developmental skills in the process. 

But even on those days when we get complaints, simple and age-appropriate chores can give the kids the ability to work past negative feelings towards these chores, if we are willing to add an element of competition or fun.

So scroll down and take a look at these 8 simple chores for 5-year-olds that will bring fun, balance, and learning into your home.

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Daily Chores For Kids

1. Making Their Bed

Start with a chore as simple as making their bed. Teach them to arrange their pillows and straighten out their sheets. Transform this daily routine into a fun game by timing your child, or make it a race to see who finishes first. It might not be perfect, but it’s a great starting point!

Daily Chores For Kids


2. Putting Groceries in the Fridge

When you come home from the grocery store, hand over the lighter items like fruits and vegetables to your little one. Show them where each item belongs in the fridge. This is also a fantastic opportunity to teach them about different food types and their storage needs.

3. Bringing in Groceries

Allow your child to carry light grocery bags into the house. Depending on the weight, your five-year-old can also help with carrying groceries from the car to the kitchen. This task helps build their sense of contribution, develops strength and gives them a sense of achievement.

4. Putting Books Back On The Shelf

Make a game out of it! Ask your child to organize their books either by size, color, or alphabetically. This will also encourage them to handle their books with care.


5. Taking Out the Recyclables

Show your 5-year-old how to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable items. Let them help you with disposing of the recyclables. It’s a great way to introduce them to environmental consciousness.

6. Unloading the Dishwasher

With supervision, your child can help unload the dishwasher. Make sure to handle the breakable items yourself and let them arrange the cutlery or plastic dishes. This chore can be an opportunity to introduce concepts like sorting and categorizing.

7. Clearing the Table

After meals, involve your child in clearing the table. Start with their own dishes and gradually, they can help with the rest. Make sure to supervise them if they’re handling fragile items.

8. Taking Light Items Upstairs

Teach your child the importance of keeping the house tidy by asking them to take their toys or other light items upstairs. Ensure they’re safe while climbing the stairs, and this chore can be an excellent exercise in balance and coordination.


Remember, patience is key when it comes to teaching these chores. The first few times might not be flawless, but with time, they’ll get better. Always supervise them for safety, especially when they’re dealing with potentially dangerous items or situations.

These daily chores for kids aren’t just tasks to keep them busy; they’re teaching moments that will help mold your child’s character and skills. Enjoy these moments of working together, they grow up so fast!

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