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9 Super Easy Sensory Play Activities Babies Will Love

Check out simple and easy ideas for sensory play activities babies will love!

Sensory play is an easy and fun way to help your baby explore the world around them. 

Not only does it stimulate their developing senses, but it also promotes cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and even social interaction.

In this post, we will walk you through 9 super easy ideas for sensory play that your baby will absolutely love. Let’s get started!

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Sensory Play Activities For Babies

1. Easy High- Contrast DIY Cards

These cards are incredibly simple to make and provide a wonderful visual stimulation for your baby. You’ll need white and black card stock to create contrasting patterns. Babies love looking at high-contrast colors, which is a great way to improve their vision.

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2. Thin Scarf Play

With supervision, let your baby play with a lightweight scarf. They will love watching it move in the air and feeling it glide across their skin. This encourages them to reach, grasp and promotes fine motor skills.


3. Following Shapes

Using bold, contrasting colors, create different shapes on cards or pieces of paper. Hold the shape card in front of your baby and move it around slowly, encouraging them to follow the shape with their eyes. This helps with visual tracking.

4. Coffee Filter Crumpling

Crumpling coffee filters can be a surprisingly engaging activity for babies. It makes a fun noise and is great for developing motor skills. Make sure to supervise your baby during this activity to prevent any accidental ingestion.

5. Mirror Gazing

Babies are fascinated by mirrors. Set one up in a safe spot and let your baby gaze at their reflection. This helps with self-recognition and social development.

6. Rubber Toy Sensory Play

Provide your baby with various safe rubber toys of different shapes and textures. This kind of sensory play can stimulate your baby’s touch sense and help them differentiate between textures.

7. Sensory Bag Play

Fill a ziplock bag with colorful, non-toxic gel or hair gel and add in some glitter and small toys. Seal it tightly and let your baby squish and play. The different textures and shifting contents make for an engaging tactile and visual experience.


8. Sensory Bottle Play

Fill a transparent bottle with water, food coloring, glitter, and small, non-toxic objects. Seal it tightly and let your baby shake and explore the bottle. This encourages cause-and-effect learning and visual stimulation.

9. High-Contrast Object Gazing

Place a black and white object, or toy, in front of your baby. Allow them to gaze and reach out for it. This helps enhance their depth perception and visual acuity.

Remember, every child develops at their own pace, so don’t worry if your baby is more interested in one activity than another. The key is to keep exploring and experimenting together. Enjoy these moments of discovery – they are the building blocks of lifelong learning.

And there you have it – 9 super easy ideas for sensory play that your baby will love! I hope you find these activities helpful, and I would love to see your little ones enjoying their sensory playtime.

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