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19 Clever Kids Bathroom Storage Ideas You Will Love


As a mom, I know how challenging it can be to keep your kid’s bathroom organized and functional while also making it a fun and inviting space. Balancing cleanliness with creativity is key in a space that is often the least organized room in the house. With these 19 clever kids bathroom storage ideas, you can transform your child’s bathroom into an organized, yet kid-approved, oasis.

Whatever the size of your kid’s bathroom; today I’ve collected all kinds of awesome ideas for how to tackle kid clutter and get your kid’s space organized and awesome!

kids bathroom storage ideas

Tips On Keeping Your Kids Bathroom Clean with Their Help

Here are a few tips for keeping the kids bathroom organized! And if you are really serious about it, download the kid’s bathroom cleaning checklist printable from Early Bird Mom.

The bathroom is such a highly utilized but also easy to mess up, so I couldn’t just write a post on bathroom design and storage ideas for kids and not include cleaning tips. Also, if you want additional tips on getting the kids to help clean up, visit my post on the best preschool clean up song list as well. Enjoy!

Take it step by step! Since my kids are young, I started with simple tasks first. Things like putting away their toothbrush and making sure they didn’t leave pee on the toilet was a good start lol.

Don’t give the kids toxic and/or harmful cleaners. This is an important one. I probably don’t need to say that using toxic chemicals as a kid isn’t recommended. I use some vary effective non -toxic chemicals that I get sent to my home just so the kids can help me clean 🙂

Give lot’s of praise. Praise goes a long way with kids in any situation. Feeling good about what they are doing always helps with willingness!

Put bathroom cleaning on a schedule. How can they argue with you when it’s on the schedule? Okay they can but it won’t be as effective lol.

Divide Responsibilities. If you have multiple children sharing a bathroom, dividing responsibilities can be a great day to lessen the load so the kids are done quicker, which is always a great thing.

Clean Consistently. This one is obvious but I had to include it. A consistent schedule means less work during each cleaning. And hopefully less work means less resistance for you!

Kid’s Bathroom Storage Ideas

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1. Squeaky Clean Farm Style Custom Hooks

A bathroom with a shower curtain and towels

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Personalize the space with Farm Style Custom Hooks where each hook features your child’s name, adding a sense of ownership and a personal touch to keeping towels off the floor.

2. Hanging Bucket Toothbrush Holder

A group of toothbrushes in a row

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Install a rail with hanging buckets, each labeled with a child’s initial, to organize toothbrushes and toothpaste, making the morning and evening routines a bit more special. Read more at Source: The Homes I Have Made

3. Sleek Towel Niche

A rack of towels on a wall

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Use a wall-mounted Towel Niche to provide a minimalist, yet spacious solution for storing fresh towels. It keeps them within easy reach and neatly displayed.

4. Labeled Cabinet Organizers

These clear, Labeled Cabinet Organizers by The Homes I Have Made make it easy for kids to find and put away their bathroom items, promoting independence and tidiness!

5. Navy Stripe Bath Accessories

A child wrapped in a towel

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A blue-and-white Navy Stripe Bath Accessories set for toothbrushes, soap, and lotions keeps essentials organized while contributing to a cohesive bathroom theme.

6. Texting Bathroom Wall Art and Storage

A toilet in a bathroom

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Incorporate a speech bubble wall shelf for a fun, comic book-inspired flair with this Texting Bathroom Wall Art and Storage that can hold bathroom plants or toiletries, adding character and a unique design element.

7. Hexagon Towel Hooks

A shower curtain and towel on a hook

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Add some awesome towels hooks styled by Domestic Blonde for a fun and functional way to brighten up bath time and keep towels in place.

8. Full-Length Mirror Cabinet 

A mirror on the door

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Optimize space with a Full-Length Mirror Cabinet  that opens to reveal shelving for all bathroom necessities, keeping everything hidden yet accessible.

9. Ladder Storage with Wicker Baskets

A shelf with baskets and towels

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A white Ladder Storage with Wicker Baskets can serve as a charming and accessible place to store and organize bath toys, towels, or toiletries.

10. Toilet Paper Tic-Tac-Toe Storage

Toilet paper rolls on a shelf

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A creative and humorous wall-mounted storage that turns spare toilet rolls into a game of tic-tac-toe, adding an element of fun to the bathroom. Source: Toilet Paper Tic-Tac-Toe Storage

11. Kid’s Modular Wall Storage

A group of plastic bins with toys and other objects on the wall

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Fun and functional kid’s Modular Wall Storage units with suction cups for easy installation—ideal for holding bath toys and toiletries, adding a pop of color and playfulness to the walls.

12. Freestanding Cabinet Organizer

A Freestanding Cabinet Organizer with drawers and shelves is perfect for housing everything from bath toys to spare towels, helping to keep surfaces clear and items uncluttered.

13. Over-The-Door Hook Rack

This over-the-door hook rack spells out “TOWELS” in bold letters, offering a playful yet practical way to hang and display towels. The design is not only functional, keeping towels off the floor, but it also serves as a fun piece of decor that can help children remember where their towels go.

14. Jack and Jill Colorful Bathroom with Shelving Storage

The “Jack and Jill Colorful Bathroom” by Kate Decorates utilizes playful colors with above-toilet shelving to create a shared and cheerful space for kids. The open shelving is ideal for displaying bathroom essentials and decorative items, enhancing functionality with a charming aesthetic.

15. Shelf and Cabinet Storage – Mosaic Kids’ Bathroom

The renovation of the kids’ bathroom by The DIY Playbook blends timeless style with playful details. The updated space is now complete with a functional navy vanity offering ample storage ensuring the bathroom is both kid-friendly and sophisticated

16. Bright and Bold Vanity Cabinetry

A bathroom with a blue vanity and a colorful rug

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A beautiful statement vanity in a bold color, equipped with plenty of storage space beneath, not only serves as a focal point but also as a practical storage solution.

17. Chic Shower Shelf 

A shower curtain and a shelf with bottles

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Sleek glass shelving like this Chic Shower Shelf  in the shower area offers a modern touch and a convenient spot for shampoos, soaps, and other bathing essentials.

18. Colorful Star Hooks

A shower curtain and a shelf with bottles

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A row of colorful star-shaped hooks provides a cheerful place for kids to hang their towels and bathrobes.

19. Rustic Dinosaur-Themed Vanity – by Be In Wonder Designs

A shower curtain and a shelf with bottles

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A rustic wooden vanity with dinosaur-themed decor creates a playful atmosphere while offering practical storage for towels and bathroom necessities.

Creating a bathroom that caters to the energetic and imaginative world of children doesn’t just add a splash of joy to their routine—it transforms daily chores into a treasure trove of little moments and memories. We hope you’re inspired by these 19 clever storage ideas to create a space that’s as orderly as it is delightful for your little ones to grow, learn, and splash around.


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