IKEA Playroom Storage Makeover Reveal book crate and labels
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How To Make Custom DIY Printable Labels Using Canva


Wondering How To Make Beautiful Custom Labels For Your Storage At Home? Well I Have Put Together an awesome tutorial to make DIY Printable Labels using Canva That Will Have You Printing Playroom Storage Labels In No Time.

I have a new found love for labels after making a decision to decorate our home that still feels like a new home. After I published my playroom makeover update a few weeks ago, I got so many messages asking where I got the labels. So I thought, why not record a quick tutorial?

When I was redecorating my kid’s playroom, I found myself debating the best way to label them. Should I go bold or subtle, buy or print. I’m pretty happy with the decision to print out custom labels! And it was easy.

Also check out my post on kids playroom storage for more ideas! Take a look at the video I recorded below explaining how to easily make labels using Canva, and hopefully that allows you to choose the look that you like best for your next project!

Tutorial: How To Make Canva Labels

Sneak Peek! Use the Elements tool to find label images!

More Labeling Ideas for Storage

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I thought I would provide some additional ideas for those of you who are trying to decide how you will label! Take a look below at some ideas from amazing organization mommies!

  1. Chalk Labels are my absolute fav for ease of use! You can go with pre-made labels or cut-yourself labels.

2. I love this for those of you who have label makers. The peg board and cups are actually from IKEA.

3. I love the concept of the packing tape labels! Get a how-to at Parent Vault!

4. These are SOO cute! Check out the How-To at The Homes I Have Made!

Wondering How To Make Beautiful Custom Labels For Your Storage At Home? Well I Have Put Together A Label Making Tutorial Using Canva That Will Have You Printing Playroom Storage Labels In No Time.

5. You can’t go wrong with pre-made printable playroom labels! I love these from Etsy.

Source: Etsy

So that’s it! That’s my kid’s storage Canva labels in a nut shell. Now obviously they don’t always keep it this clean and organized in the right bin at all times, but it makes life a whole heck of a lot easier!

The little things really count and it makes a difference to be able to tell my daughter to go put all of her blocks in the block bin. Then she can go look and see which bin has the picture of blocks. Priceless. (for my sanity lol)

My hope is that someone can use this as inspiration! (and it can make your life easier too)

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Please comment below and let me know what you think about these labels! Or do you have some awesome ideas to share? Please do!



  • Beesean

    I always knew canva was a great and handy app but hearing about this application of the app really surprised. I think this is a very creative way to label kid’s stuff and keep them organised. Also, the designs of these labels are really cute and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this information and the links on how to make these labels. 

  • Rosalia

    Very interesting article! What you make is very creative. Moreover, I’ve never thought of using Canva to create custom printable labels. Your ideas are very good and they represent an interesting way to create some home decorations. Your how-to are amazing! I think I will “steal” some of your ideas 🙂 and of course, I’ve bookmarked your article for future reference!

  • philjosh

    This is really a must watch, fantastic ideas!. I have come across some of your creative reviews and i am always amazed as to how you manage to pull these creative ideas of yours. I will definitely be trying this master class art work as well as the others. Thanks for sharing your ideas here with us

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