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50+ Clever Playroom Storage Ideas You Won’t Want To Miss


Playroom storage ideas is one of my all time favorite topics when it comes to kids. I get to mix my love of kid’s play and activities with my love of home decor. Since this is one of my most popular posts with over 600K shares over its lifetime, i thought it would be great to do an update on some of the ideas.

Scroll through and see what’s new!

It’s a great challenge and I’m up for it! So I thought I would share some of the awesome research I’ve been doing! I am currently working with a separate playroom space to decorate (pics will come later). But in many homes it may mean a corner in your family living space.

Whatever the size of your space; today I’ve collected all kinds of awesome ideas for how to tackle kid toy clutter and get your home’s play space organized and tidy once and for all! Also stroll on over to check out my kid’s playroom makeover and homework station!

Source: KTB Idea List

I personally love to see my toddlers being creative and imaginative.  I love to see them with books, experimenting, playing , or just running around. (Check out my Playroom Storage Ideas For Girls post!) So hopefully the list below will inspire all of that!

So, I started with some serious Pinterest research so that I can figure out my best approach, but if you are looking for even more kid’s playroom ideas, then check out my Pinterest board on Playrooms! (also follow me on Instagram) For bedroom ideas, be sure to read my post on kids bedroom storage.

Playroom Design and Organization Tips

Before we get started, remember to keep these tips in mind. You will see examples of these tips in storage ideas below!

1.Designate areas for siblings. Kids love have personalized areas. Make it fun!

2. Use bright colors.

3. Use chalk board paint. Whoever came up with this deserves an award. Chalk wall? Yup!

4. Wall decals. These can add so much to a room with little effort.

5. Use cleanable and wipe-able materials. Paint, tables, floors, whatever. The easier to clean, the better. So much less stressful than expecting my kids be be clean all day.

6. Label your storage. This will change your life lol

7. Use a larger table for crafts. There are so many little small tables out there for crafts but my kids can use up an entire dining room table easily. Opt for the bigger tables if you can spare the room.

8. Integrate Furniture with Storage. Tucking toys inside the ottoman where they can’t be seen literally keeps me sane.

9. Try make-believe corners. I corner for a play house, grocery store, or princess dressing room means entertainment on an ongoing basis. Check out some examples below!

10. Incorporate Fort/Tents. There is not a kid on earth who wouldn’t love this. find a way or a corner to include it!

11. Include a Reading area. A nook for chill time is essential! Make it super inviting for your little one!

Cool Idea! Check it out at @chaos.and.rainsbows on Instagram!

Kid’s Couch | Kid’s Table Set | Kid’s Slide | Rainbow Wall sticker | Indoor Jungle Gym | Bookshelf | Rug

free kids wall art printables

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Kids Playroom Storage Ideas!


Playroom Storage

1. My IKEA Playroom Makeover

I was super excited to finish part one of our IKEA playroom storage makeover! Sooo much storage. It actually takes a lot of work to change up an entire look and we were really happy with the results. Check out how we saved money on this playroom redo!

and fi-

My Kid's Messy, Half Organized, Play Space Gets An IKEA Playroom Storage Makeover Into a Chíc, Organized, Kid's Room! We Painted Trofast Units Using Playrooms Ideas With Design Budget In Mind #playroomideas

2. Rainbow Organizer

I love how simple yet awesome this is for a playroom design! Find the rainbow organizer here! I also love the art!

Crafts By Courtney did a great job with this idea!

3. Cart and Bucket Hack

I love, love, love this hack! So clever! I finally found the white buckets online with a beautiful white cart. So just make your labels and you’re golden. I also found a cart with already attached buckets!

Source: Instagram @Little_Label_Co

4. Use Dresser Drawers

So in love with this pretty playroom and the open shelf storage from Steel Street Studios. They did awesome. The chairs are so chic but still perfect for kids! I found them here! I also found a similar rug here.

5. Car Wall Storage

Such a great idea by @alwayschasinglife on Instagram! If you are just a little handy, just nail together some wood boards and grab some wood bead garland to achieve this look. I also love the wire baskets.

Source: @alwayschasinglife on Instagram

6. Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

Such a great way to store and display toys! Find it here!

Mommy Experts Share 50+ Playroom Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!

7. Macrame Stuffed Animal Storage

You can’t go wrong with macrame wall storage. Find the corner net here and the net + wood here!

My son will love this! I literally searched everywhere and found these awesome Road Sticker decals on Etsy and Fell.In.Love! Combine with the IKEA Trofast Bin! Then just add the wicker baskets! (make sure you like the size)

Mommy Experts Share 50 Playroom Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs too. Playroom Organization is key!
Mommy Experts Share 50 Playroom Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs too. Playroom Organization is key!

8. Neutral Shelf Storage

So Cozy and filed with toys. Perfect! If you don’t have a shelf like this, get one. I love the white shelf structure, and grey baskets. Also the irregular dots!

playroom storage cue sheves

8a. Toy Organizer Storage

This right here is like a playroom right of passage! Organize all of the little toys with this cool organizer. Shop this look here.

9. Stuffed Animal in Bean Bag Storage

I may be biased but this is my fav! These days there are so many creative products to keep a playroom organized! Shop this awesome bean bag storage here. Find some additional colors here!

10. Decor Basket Storage

This is another one of my favorites because it’s so customizable! Beautiful baskets like these are not hard to find!

toy stoarage basket for kids

10a. Car/Truck Shelf

Oh car shelf. Why do I love you so?? lol I scoured the “innanets” for this and found it for a great price and got it! This is just so adorable to me. Shop the Pillowfort line of wire shape shelves here! (there are other shapes)

Throw in some painted jars a and rectangle floating shelf and you have a thing!

Mommy Experts Share 50 Playroom Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!
Source: blog.ooly.com

11. Beautiful Baskets

Bea-u-ti-ful.. (my style) The open shelves and basket combo is so chic and not super expensive!

designer playroom
Source: Little Adi

11a. Toy Mat Organizer Bag

I had to include this because it’s just genius! Find it here!

This herring bone wallpaper paired with the floating book storage is just absolutely perfect for a playroom! The stuffed animal wall mount is an awesome touch as well.

I love this storage idea for books. Check out 50 clever ideas for playroom storage here!
Source Etsy

12. Hooks

My daughter is currently looking over my shoulder drooling over this! Here is some beautiful Disney princess wall art I absolutely adore! Shop the hooks below!

princess costumes pretend
Shop this look HERE !

13. House Bookcase

Adorable storage! Shop the look here

14. Storage Seating

I’m obsessed with this look. two must haves in one. Combine the square shelf and the long shelf, and Violà!


14a. More Wall Basket Storage

I love this farmhouse craft table combined with colorful ottoman seats and rounded shelving! Perfect atmosphere for play and homeschool learning
Love this Wire Basket for Books

15. Chest and Bench Storage

I found a cute look that rivals this amazing bench. Shop the look here!

bench storage

16. Torney Kid Toy Storage Bench

Is this perfect for storage and seating or what?? 🙂 Shop this look here!

Get all the storage you need for your little one with the Storage Bench and Coat Rack. The crisp white finish on the laminated MDF and particleboard can easily be added to your little girl or boy’s room. With 3 side shelves and 3 lower cubbies, the storage options are endless.

Source: Wayfair


17. Storage Jars

Love this storage jar idea by Raising Lemons!

Book Storage

18. Rainbow Bookshelf

I love this! A house bookcase and some books arranged by color. Easy!

rainbow bookshelf

19. Wall Shelves

Again, the cozier, the better. Make it inviting for little one!

reading nook playroom
Source: Instagram @peachyparade. Shop the shelves look here!
Find this look here!

Beautiful, yet simple look!

20. Racks for Book Storage

I absolutely LOVED this idea! Here are some great alternatives to complete the look!

21. Magazine Holder

I’m I have always wanted the wall basket down in my office area and I LOVE it. I’ve been anxiously waiting on it to come back in stock  so I can grab it. This basket is great alternative!

08/12/2023 UPDATE: Woohoo! For those who asked, this rack is finally back in stock! Not sure how long it will last!

magazine book rack

22. IKEA Spice Rack Shelves

Find them here and pick up some pastel paint samples!


ikea spice rack

23. Wall Book Racks

What a creative idea for those who love either farm house decor or even minimalist decor! Shop the look here!

24. Book Caddy

25. Closet Rack Bookcase


26. Rolling Cart Book Storage

I would have loved this growing up!

book cart

27. Spruce Tree Bookcase

Very creative idea!

Playroom Organization

28. Set Up A Craft Corner

I love this cute idea and will be trying it soon! IKEA does it again. Head on over there! You can also find the rail here, buckets here or here and the longer buckets here. Shop the table and chair set here!

Here is another great alternative or alternative! And here!

29. Hang Your Child’s Art

I love this idea and there are so many versions! This one is my fav.

wall art

30. Pottery Barn Wall Bin

30 a. Cube Playroom Storage

Source: Polka Dot Wall Stickers Here!
I also love the white cube organizer and baskets

31. Stuffed Animal Door Shoe Rack

Shop the shoe rack here!

32. Devote Corners to Specific Toy Groups

So Cute! Check it out on instagram @teamsonkids. Walmart has a great version of this kitchen here and baskets!

Source Instagram @teamsonkids

I love this one too!

33. Stuffed Animal Jail

Maybe animal zoo is better. Jail was the first thing that came to mind. Either way, it’s super cute 🙂 Check it out here or here.

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!

34. Retro Playroom

I love this look! Check it out at Talo Interiors. This retro table set , floor cushion with pillows, and floating book shelf are perfect for fun and organization! I also love these chairs.

35. Gorgeous Wall Storage

Cool idea! Shop the Shelving Here! Wall Art is Etsy and find awesome pillows here!

Source: Instagram @_juliherz

Here is a similar look here! I love the white cubed shelves, white rolling cart and PLAY wall art all put together!

playroom ideas
Source: Etsy

36. IKEA Rail and Buckets Under Chalk Board

You can find these awesome Chalk boards online along with the sign! (See number 8a)

ikea playroom buckets

37. Pull Out Toy Chest (IKEA)

38. Stuffed Animal Hammock

These nets can be found all over the place with different looks! I love this one!

39. Combine Storage Ideas

Cloud wall shelves, house shelf, work desk, mountain mural and decals. What more can you ask for in this beautiful black and white kid’s room?

I love this black and white playroom idea or nursery idea! Check out 50 amazing playrom storage ideas!
Check it out at projectnursery/instagram!

If you like this post, click on over to my post on clever bedroom designs as well!

Beautiful Playroom Ideas

40. Beautiful Grass Playroom

A little bit of outside, inside. I love the grass green rugs (or turf), and the shelving!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!
Source: Instagram: @playfullittlelearners

41. Mountain Playroom

In love with this playroom! Thank you Pinterest! Shop the rug here!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!

42. Chalk Wall Playroom

Play time is an awesome teacher and TIME is a great way to show we care. Let’s get the chalk going!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!
Shop the Teepee!

43. Girly Playroom

image by @wndurocher on @ProjectJunior Instagram

feminine playroom

44. Pillow Seat Playroom

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!
Source: Architectural Digest. Shop the floor chairs or pillow seats! The miniature bistro chairs are by Pottery Barn Kids.

45. Playhouse Playroom

More IKEA Trofast Bins!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!

46. Cozy Playroom

47. House Chalk Wall Playroom

Love this idea! Found the table set here along with CHALK PAINT!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!
Source : Instagram @peekaboobabyau

48. Farm House Playroom

Every kid deserves a place to PLAY at some point in their childhood! I love the farmhouse table look and the teepee.

 Farm House Playroom

49. Elfa Kid’s Playroom Storage

Talk about a genius move for cute storage and design! I love it!

This amazing playroom storage look is amazing! Perfect storage for the kids. Mommy Experts Share 50 Playroom Storage Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playrooms Too.
Shop This look Here!

50. Basement Playroom Nook

I absolutely love this!

Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playroom designs and, playroom storage ideas, too. Playroom Organization is key!

I hope you enjoyed this list and that it gave you some great playroom storage and organization ideas to try with you family!

Do you have any other ideas that you think I should add to the list? Please let me know in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you!

Also, remember to sign up for your FREE weekly activities planner on the top or the right side of the page and check out my printables page!

This amazing playroom storage look is amazing! Perfect storage for the kids. Mommy Experts Share 50 Playroom Storage Ideas That Will Turn Your Child's Messy Play Space Into An Organized and Safe Play Haven For Kids. Small Playrooms Too.



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