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Turn Your Halloween Candy Into An Amazing Hot Chocolate Board


Hey there, calling all hot chocolate lovers! I love the holidays so I have jumped feet first into the seasonal crafts and also fun seasonal food ideas for the kids. This one is easy enough for kid participation at all ages.

If plain hot cocoa alone is getting a little old this year, I would recommend trying this super quick, super fun and easy winter dessert/drink for kids.

This is perfect for the season and so fun for the kids!

It’s a great opportunity the get the kids “cooking, or you can have it prepared for a cozy afternoon 🙂

A highlight of this awesome winter dessert is how easy it is to use a a few cookie cutter props to get a festive look. (I found this Christmas cookie cutters at my local grocery store. Check it out)

Here you can see how easy it is to pull the wrappers off, add some marshmallows and cookies cutters, and make something really cute.

MY TIP: Make the hot chocolate first if you have young kids so you can give it time to cool down!

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Candy and Cocoa Hot Chocolate Board

If you love cute Fall and Winter themed desserts, then take a look at the how-to below! I included a few materials, easy instructions, and some pictures to check out the process.

My Hot Chocolate Tray Ingredients 

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Easy Instructions 

  • Decide ahead of time if the kids are participating LOL
  • Then, take out the hot cocoa and make the drinks first if you have young children! This will cut down on some wait time while you make you tray.
  • Next take out the cookie cutters and other materials shown above.
  • After hands are washed have the kids start unwrapping the candy
  • Next put the cookies cutters in the middle and decide what will go inside of them
  • Next add the crackers, pretzels, more marshmallows, and whatever you like around the cookie cutters.
  • Then keep adding more layers of food depending how many people you are entertaining.
  • Set it all up on a table or bar and you are set!

Also make sure to start putting away any extra candy while the kids are eating and drinking. That made things go a whole lot more smoothly.

Take a look below!

More Detailed Instructions For Hot Chocolate Station Creation!

To create a Halloween candy hot chocolate board, start by preparing your favorite hot chocolate mix or recipe. Use dairy or non-dairy milk, depending on your preference, and keep the hot chocolate warm on the stove or in a slow cooker. Gather a variety of Halloween candies, such as chocolate bars, candy corn, marshmallows, caramel, gummies, and more. 

Arrange these candies in small bowls or jars on a serving platter or board, creating an aesthetically pleasing display with sections for different types of candies. Include additional bowls or jars for toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, and crushed nuts. Set up a hot chocolate station with mugs, spoons, and stirrers for easy serving.

Encourage creativity by allowing guests to customize their hot chocolate with their preferred candies and toppings, adding an interactive and personal touch to the experience. Position the hot chocolate station near the candy display to make self-service convenient. Consider enhancing the festive atmosphere with Halloween-themed decorations such as spooky figurines, cobwebs, or themed tablecloths.

After everyone has enjoyed their hot chocolate, clean up by disposing of wrappers and leftovers, and store any remaining candies for later use. Capture the moment with pictures to remember the creative and delicious experience. A Halloween candy hot chocolate board is a delightful way to repurpose candies and create a memorable, spooky-sweet gathering for friends and family.

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The kids really enjoyed this fun hot chocolate board so grab a tray and have some fun with this seasonal version of cocoa!

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make a fun and simple tray!

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