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An Easy Christmas Tree Activity Your Toddler Will Love

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to add up festive fun activities with little hands and curious minds. You’ll be taking your toddler on a colorful journey of shape and color with this Christmas Tree Activity Tape Pull craft. It’s fast and fun to set up, and helps to train your kid’s motor skills as well as lets them experience the Christmas joy of holiday crafts. 

Using a few basic items and a touch of imagination, you can design an entertaining teaching session that will be educational and fun. It’s the perfect time for parents to laugh with their kids while they both play and learn. Now, let’s get into the holiday groove by creating a craft that will definitely be loved by your tiny toddler and will make your home look like an oasis of magical charm.

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Christmas Tree Activity: Tape Pull Craft

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Tape Tree Craft Materials

Materials needed for the Christmas Tree Tape Pull Craft:

Christmas Tree Activity Preparation

Now, let’s break it down step by step:

1. Select Your Wall or Door Space

Find a suitable area on the wall that’s easily accessible to your toddler. Make sure it’s safe for them to reach and play without any hazards.

2. Outline Your Christmas Tree

Use the green painter’s tape to outline a Christmas tree shape on the wall. Create the illusion of branches by making horizontal zigzag patterns across the tree with the green tape. Make sure it’s within reach of your toddler. Include a stump at the bottom for a complete look.

3. Add Your Ornaments to the tape tree

Use the assorted colors of the painter’s tape to add ‘ornaments’ to the tree. You can cut the tape into small pieces and bend them upward so that they are easy to grab.

4. Add Your Star Topper

Put a star on your tree using yellow painter’s tape. Make it more interesting and eye-catching by layering pieces.

Put the colorful tape ornaments back on the tree, which helps toddlers develop fine motor skills and understand stickiness and texture. Ask your toddler to identify colors, count the ornaments, or follow patterns during this activity. The best part of this tape activity is that it can be easily reset. You can redecorate the tree multiple times with your toddler.

As you finish this festive activity, stand back and watch as your toddler delights in the magic of the season. The Christmas Tree Tape Pull is an excellent way to incorporate play, learning, and holiday fun into one delightful package.

Stay tuned for more craft ideas. Enjoy this merry little project, and may your holidays be filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of family time well spent. Happy crafting, moms!

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