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Our Favorite Free Dot Marker Printables and Dot Art Ideas


A couple of years ago I got some great inspiration to purchase dot markers and every since then, dot marker art and dot marker printables has been my go to when I need some thing quick. I just jump on my computer and print out my go to images for the kids to work with.

Both my preschooler and toddler and they absolutely loved it! It’s not always easy to find print activities for kids that last for hours. I sat my son down at the table to  show him how it works in the beginning, and he literally did not want to leave the table! (this is very unusual for him and made mommy jump for joy lol). The great part is that later in the day we were right back at it, quietly doing our projects at the table. My mind was absolutely blown.

Needless to say, I decided to do a quick post on this awesome activity sent from heaven that keeps my child quiet for a few hours 🙂 It is so fun, easy, non-toxic, long lasting, and basically no mess if you prepare. (get an art smock like the one here. You will be glad you did because it works for all types of projects.

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Dot Art Marker Art!

Dot Art Supplies

1. Box of Do-A-Dot Markers: I got these simply because the markers are the best and the colors are great. It seems pricey for markers but we have been using them for a few years now.

2. Printable Dot Art Sheets: Visit my Pinterest Page for a list of free printables! Make sure to follow my page for future activities and updates!

3. Newspaper, messy mat, or a project board: You can get project boards from a nearby Dollar Tree or use anything that will act as a barrier between your printables and your surface. There really was not a lot leaking for us but better safe than sorry! We have had a little leaking.

You may also like these dot art books..

do a dot activity book do a dot mermaid book do a dot trucks book dot marker coloring book



Do-A-Dot Art Ideas

We completed some printables first to show how it was done and then let my little ones have at it! Take a look below!


Find your free dot marker printables here! Also Dot Art inspiration for your Do a Dot Markers. The Do A Dot printables are great free resources for toddlers and preschoolers.

dab a dot markers for toddlers

dot marker activities for kids

dot marker heart

dot marker flower

Do A Dot Learning Activities

This is an awesome video that walks through learning activities with do a dot markers. Take a look!

Three Awesome Do A Dot Toddler and Preschool Activities


Free Dot Marker Printables


Here is a list of the kid’s favorite printables and where I got them from! (ok my favorite printables )


1.Princess Printables


My daughter is in a princess phase so these right here are a definite go to. She colors the princess and then uses dot markers for the dress. Even if the princess has blue skin 🙂 )



2. Sea Animal Printables


Love these sea animals prints! Some are partially colored and others allow for more creativity. Its also a learning activity!


sea animal dot pages



3. A-Z Dot Pages


These are pretty self explanatory. Perfect for alphabet practice and just an overall favorite in my house.



4. Dot Marker Shape Pages


Learning shapes is another great dot marker activity and it works well for younger toddlers!



5. Letter Hunt Sheets


This one is better for preschoolers and really has so many benefits. My son loves these!



6. Spring Dot Sheets

I love these because they are pretty. Thats all 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this post and your kids enjoy the dot marker activity. It really is awesome! Please comment below and let me know some activities that keep your kids entertained! I would love to see some additional ideas!

Also check out my posts on a great pom pom frame craft and popsicle stick crafts for more fun ideas!

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Find your free dot marker printables here! Also Dot Art inspiration for your Do a Dot Markers. The Do A Dot printables are great free resources for toddlers and preschoolers.


  • Jo

    I love this idea! Even as an adult, this would keep me entertained for hours.

    Newspaper works well for covering the table, and I also like to use that crumpled up brown paper that sometimes comes in the boxes of my Amazon orders.

    Those pieces are usually large enough when flattened out to cover the table.

  • sarah cypert

    I am a teacher of Early Childhood Special Education of students with Severe and Profound Special Needs. One of my students absolutely loves to dot paint. Even though he struggles with opening his hands and grasping objects he is able to hold a dot paint marker with assistance. I love the activities that are you have posted. I will definitely be able to incorporate them into my lessons for him.
    Thank you.

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