Shape Activities For Toddlers
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Shape Activities For Toddlers: Color and Shape Sorting


I’m excited about sharing some shape activities for toddlers today! I used to do these all the time with my son and then we recently added in some color and size sorting to mix it up and provide some critical thinking. The kids loved it, especially Skyla. As soon as she was done sorting, she would say, “Okay lets mess it up and do it again!”

The set up for this is super easy, so in a very short amount of time, using  materials that you already have in the house, you should be able to set this activity up for some fun with the kids.  So take a look at how we did this toddler project quick and easy!

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Shape Learning Activities For Toddlers

Shape Sort Materials

1.Grab a marker, pen, crayon, or whatever you like.

2. Next grab some colored construction paper or maybe an old poster board or cardboard you have laying around if you are not doing the color sorting . It doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to to outline shapes.

3. Next, go through your toddlers toys and find anything that has a shape.

The How (Time: Less than 5 min)

1.I used a marker to write “SHAPE MATCH” on top of an old poster board when my son was a toddler, but it’s not necessary.

2. Next I used that same marker to outline his shapes. Now my son was beside me while I was doing this. He was stepping on the board, trying to take my marker, making me mess up the lines, etc. LOL. So you can do this part before hand or have them participate.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and my toddler was already getting excited. This step still only took me five minutes even with the interference.

3. Let your toddler have at it!

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Toddler Learning Activities that involve shapes are an absolute must. Easy toddler activities that include colors are awesome as well. This sorting activity combines the two!

Toddler Learning Activities that involve shapes are an absolute must. Easy toddler activities that include colors are awesome as well. This sorting activity combines the two!

Toddler Learning Activities that involve shapes are an absolute must. Easy toddler activities that include colors are awesome as well. This sorting activity combines the two!

Check out this video! My daughter had such a great time.

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I hope you enjoyed this shape sorting activity post! Please comment below and let me know some activities that keep your kids entertained! I would love to see some additional ideas!

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Toddler Learning Activities that involve shapes are an absolute must. Easy toddler activities that include colors are awesome as well. This sorting activity combines the two!



  • ebufi

    What a nice game to play with your child, very simple and entertaining, and he is learning about shapes in 4D. It is so important to spend time with our children, it pays in the long run. Great article, it reminded me when I was playing with my kids, sitting on the floor, all crayons and water colors on the floor and they exploring their artistic abilities and I even hang up some of their work on the walls. Enjoy this times they are priceless.

  • Udoh


    This is actually a great idea. My kids are in pre-k and know the shapes etc…and are currently are learning on writing…so I am going to have them do this activity.

    I like your site. Tons of info on kids. Will be back for more ideas.

  • Efi Azulay

    Hi Kayla,
    I love this great idea.
    On this coming Saturday, we supposed to have a crazy weather so we will need to stay at home.
    I will try this game with my two kids.
    I will tell you if they like it.

  • Lindsey

    This is a great post! I don’t have children but frequently have children over and am constantly look for ideas to keep them entertained so I don’t go crazy. I appreciate how simple it is and how it will stimulate the children’s minds. I am definitely going to bookmark this page as something to do when they come over.

  • Arlet

    Thats a great idea to keep a toddler busy!
    Instead of buying one of the multiple shape toys in stores, we can make this right away with their own toys, i really like ideas like this, using whatever one has to create endless fun!
    I will try this right away!
    Thank you for this idea Kayla!

  • Melissa Hazlett

    What a fun and simple learning game. I also want to mention that you made it so it doesn’t cost anything. So any parent with a small child should be able to do this very easily. I can see where it could also be very beneficial to the child in learning new skills not just shapes. Way to go. Thank you so much

  • Bob

    Nice post…. beautiful pics, I’m assuming that the adorable children are yours. My wife and I are past the stage where we have kids in the house anymore and anxiously awaiting for the cycle of grandkids (fingers crossed). Simple yet elegant exercise for toddlers. It reminds me of the game I had as a child, I think it was called “Perfection”, the goal was to match the shapes with game pieces with a timer set to pop out all the pieces if you didn’t complete the board in time…. millennials will have to Google this reference to understand. That game would have been for slightly older children, but I love the concept, the creativity and the interaction. 

    • Kayla

      Thank you so much! Im 35 years old so I’m technically a millennial lol. And yes I’m going to google it lol. Thanks for your comment!

  • Sonia

    I find that these types of activities, shape learning are a great idea to keep your toddlers busy. They are easy to set up, very educational as well as affordable.

    I don’t have kids, but I do remember when I was one! I loved doing learning activities with my siblings.

    I guess that because I enjoyed doing shape matching game so much as a kid, that is why one of my hobbies today is doing puzzles, which is a kind of shape matching activity as well! My latest achievement is a 5000 pieces puzzle!

  • Iheanacho David

    I think this is great for little children. It will help their brain development. I have actually been looking for something to always keep my niece and nephew occupied with. I have gotten them a lot of toys in the past but most times they get tired of them but i think this is a whole lot better. I will save this page .

  • Tush

    Hello Kayla, Skyla looks like you. Cute name. It’s good to see you share this posts on topics like shape activities for toddlers. I easily run out of ideas everyday on how to engage the kids in an educational but fun way lol. I love this color and shape sorting game. How about including the names of the shapes so kids can easily learn the names of the shapes if they haven’t already?

  • Steviejohn41

    Hello there, these are great ideas that you guys came up with. I know it was quite fun doing this with your kidsbolus it is very educative and somewhat engaging. It’s a very good idea to do creative stuff with the kids as it goes along way in preparing them for the future that awaits. The shapes you can out with are beautiful, I will try this with my kid sister.

  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I found this article most useful, because my kids have been experiencing boredom on a regular basis. Having stumbled into this article, I am convinced that this is a perfect game that they can indulge into to alleviate boredom and thesame time learning about shapes. I will definitely get one as soon as possible

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