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12 Adorable Holiday Craft Ideas Kids Will Love


If you are looking for holiday craft ideas that kids will really enjoy., you are absolutely in the right place! As I was sitting here earlier today helping my daughter work on a fun Christmas tree craft activity, I thought it would be great to share some ideas from some other amazing mommies!

I was thinking about how difficult it can be to think of things, even when I have supplies for on hand, and it always inspires me to be that resource where ideas flow and crafts get done! And who doesn’t love Pinterest Christmas crafts, or searching for Pinterest crafts in general.



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So Tis the SEASON!! Most people that know me closely are quite aware that I LOVE the holidays! There is just something about the feeling, the music, the holiday inspired flavors and food, and most importantly, FAMILY. This is the time of year when we can count our blessings even more than usual.

The blessing of a family is huge for many people and that is one of the main reasons I created this site and also why I have decided to kick off the holiday spirit with some of the top Pinterest easy holiday crafts for toddlers. 

Now I before we get started, I definitely want to let you know that this entire website (my pride and joy) is chalk full of awesome Christmas craft ideas and even toy reviews for the big day, so please make sure you take some time to browse through my site!

Here are a few holiday crafts that my kids loved the most! The first is a fine motor Christmas craft and the second is a Christmas Shape tree!


Each picture below has a corresponding link that will take you to an awesome mommy site!



Do you love these adorable ideas or what?!?? 🙂 Please let me know below and show me a photo of what you are doing for the Holidays! Also check out more holiday activities here!

Bonus Time!

Here is a New Years toddler craft video that I LOVE! Check it out!

Also check out this infographic I made of a simple activity I did with my daughter a few days ago! No need for instructions! (All supplies came from the dollar store 🙂 )

This Pinterest Edition Of Holiday Craft Ideas Kids Will Love is Great For Kids Of All Ages, Including Toddlers! They are Simple, Fun, and Festive. Take a Look!



  • Eliane

    I too love Christmas and the Holidays Spirit!

    The decorations and the music are the best and make me anxious for this time of the year.

    Now, spending the Holidays with toddlers brings extra emotion to our lives. Every new discovery they make, each smile and surprise is a special moment for us parents, don’t you think?

    The idea of having them spend some time with these very creative Easy Holiday Crafts is amazing! I’m sure they’ll love them.

    I particularly like the Photo Christmas Tree. How adorable!

    • Kayla

      Yes, I definitely think so! It is one of the reasons I am so devoted to this site. Oh and I love the photo christmas tree as well!

  • Ed

    My wife and I have 2 grandchildren living with us, a toddler and one in kindergarten. It is difficult to find things to keep them occupied especially during the busy Christmas holiday season.
    You have given us some great ideas to keep them busy. I really like the craft aspect because it will keep their hands busy and out of trouble.
    Both of them love to do things together so making cards to give to their aunts, uncles, and cousins will be a group effort and create things that they will be proud to give away.

    • Kayla

      No problem Ed! Kids at this age tend to thrive with consistent activity and learning so I definitely think your grandchildren will have loads of fun and learn. The holidays just adds that extra bit of fun.

  • Mara

    These ideas are amazing! Our daughter just turned 13, but I have a niece who is only 3 who will love most of these ideas. It will make her visits this festive season even more fun! My favorite has to be the photo Christmas tree on the fridge. It’s a great idea to have something in the kitchen, to keep an eye on the child while you can potter away at your cooking or other kitchen tasks. Thanks for the great ideas and I’ll definitely be using some of these.

  • Corrine

    Great ideas! I love doing crafts but they’re definitely not for small children. My youngest always wants to get in on the crafting fun, I see some great ideas for her.

    I especially love the ones with hand or foot prints, they’re so cute and would make great gifts for grandparents! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kayla

      Hand and foot prints are the best aren’t they? Years from now they can look back at past holidays and see how small they were. 🙂

  • Salvatore V Jenkins Jr.

    These are all great holiday craft ideas, especially the foot reindeer and the mistletoes!

    My niece and nephew moved away a year ago but if they were here or I was there I would most definitely partake in some craft time.

    I will bookmark this site, you definitely have some creative ideas!

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