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You Will Love These 40+ Gorgeous Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas


If you haven’t seen on my Instagram page already, I’ve got some great news! We are expecting a baby girl this year and we are over the moon. So naturally I wanted to take some time to talk about nursery ideas to satisfy my nesting urges and also provide some great ideas all in one place.

This time I did baby boy nursery room ideas but I also did a post on baby girl nursery ideas :))

Most of what you will see here at Keep Toddlers Busy is activities for toddlers, preschool and even beyond, but parenting involves so much more and I can’t help myself! So I love to talk about tips and home life (including storage and decor) as well.

Also, a few months ago I published a post about adding kids playroom storage ideas into my home as well as a similar post on kids bedroom storage.

A lot of people loved the posts so that’s another reason we are doing a nursery version as well!

I scoured the internet looking for some of the best tips and inspiration, and I have finally put together my compilation.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts of Putting Together Baby’s Nursery

Here are a few tips that are think are important for setting up a great nursery!

Designing a nursery for your sweet baby can be a great experience, but it can also seem hard to know exactly where to start! My suggestion is to take some time to sit down and plan out your wants,needs, and essentially your plan! Use these tips below to get started!

  • DON’T FORGET FUNCTION- It is so easy for me to get caught up in the pretty stuff, and then I always have to remember that the room needs to function 🙂 Don’t forget the necessities! A place for baby to sleep, have diaper changed, be rocked, store essentials, and play!

  • NEUTRAL OR GENDER SPECIFIC?– Choosing whether you plan to go with traditional gender oriented colors or go with a more neutral look will help you to narrow down some of the ideas. In this post, I have divided the nursery ideas into sub-categories for your convenience. (yes just for you)

  • PICK A THEME OR COLOR SCHEME– Picking a theme or a color scheme is a great way to narrow down your vision. I hope the ideas below provide some inspiration

  • PLAN FOR YOUR NURSERY SIZE- The size of your nursery can have a huge impact on things like crib size, changing table size, and storage. Take some time to measure the room so you can plan for the space.

  • PLAN FOR STORAGE- Storage is EVERYTHING. This time it won’t just be clothes and toys, but you have to plan for diapers and all of the necessities! (think diaper caddy)

  • DON’T STRESS ABOUT TIMING- With my son, I stressed about having the nursery done in time only to realize that I didn’t use the room for multiple months. While I think it’s easier to get those things out of the way before baby comes and time is more limited, I also wouldn’t stress about having every single little thing in place!

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Baby Boy Nursery Room Ideas!

Neutral Baby Nursery Room Ideas

1. Neutral Green Nursery

There is something great about a simple design that both genders can enjoy. The crib and accent wall are perfect but I also love the wall animals for the kids.

2. White Gallery Wall Nursery

This is a beautiful look if you are handy! Grab some wood from Home Depot, pictures, and some paint to make this happen!

Source: malleryervin

3. Natural Neutral Nursery Decor

I love a natural look and theme! Find a similar crib here!

Source: sloppyelegance

4. Cute Bunny Themed Nursery

So in love with this adorable space! Perfect if you don’t want a pink nursery but still so sweet!

The bunny photos and crib go so well together. I was beautifully coupled with a fur rug, bead chandelier, and jute rug.

5. White, Color and Patterns

This collection with a mix of patterns is simple and sweet!

Source: Sydney Brown

6. Gray and Yellow Nursery

What a sweet way to decorate a nursery! It’s a clean neutral look for the mommies that love light and airy! I found the glider on Amazon and I love a crib !

7. Cool Gray Nursery

If a lot of color isn’t your thing, this nursery design is perfect for you! Shop the collection below!

Source: Chells | Gray Glider| Crib

8. Small Simple Neutral

So organized for the small space. Perfect! The storage ladder is a great addition.

9. Water Color Leaves Nursery

Another favorite that is sure to please. These simple modern cribs are so customizable! Shop the wall decals here!

girls nursery room
Wall paper and Source: Urban Walls

Shop the Tiered Rattan Rolling Cart and beautiful Olive Dresser or more affordable Green Dresser

10. White Nursery

This is another one of my favorites for neutral nursery rooms! I love whites dots paired with the creams.

11. Modern Animal Nursery

Perfect for the little ones if you like animals.. I love the animal wall art and wall paper!

12. Gray Nursery

This simple look is cute and perfect for the new babies!

13. Serenity Nursery

You can’t go wrong here for a girl or boy 🙂

Akin Design Studio

All Things Blue: Baby Nursery Ideas

14. Light Blue Accent Wall Nursery

I love the beautiful blue wall accent and whimsical white glider with a simple white crib!

15. Coastal Nursery

This is gorgeous, I love it. The color is great for kids and there are awesome goodies everywhere in this room!


16. Modern Baby Blue Nursery Room

17. Serene Nursery

Love this shade of blue! The perfect combination of simple, colorful and cute. Perfect for a blue nursery.

Image: by Tamsyn – Max and Me

18. Coastal Blues Nursery

This is a great look, one of my favorites. A simple look with a splashes of blue everywhere. The painted dresser, rucg, wall paper and crib work well together for a sweet nursery.

19. Moody Blue Nursery

IN LOVE with this accent wall! It’s and entire MOOD for baby 🙂

20. Navy Space Theme

I may be biased because my son loves space, but this is Beautiful! Shop the looks under the photo!

21. Space Nursery 2

This look is so beautifully fun, just too adorable. I love the entire look. Shop similar looks below the picture.

Source: Alphadoarable
Crib | Space Rug | Space Quilt | Wallpaper | Moon | Mobile | Name Wall Art

22. Glamorous Blue Room

I love this idea for the moms who love blue! Blue on Blue can be beautiful if done right. Check out the blue


23. Serene Scene

What a calming room for a nursery. It brings the ocean and the sky to mind. Check out the wallpaper below the picture!

Wallpaper: Minted

24. Nautical Blue Nursery

Is this cute or what? 🙂 If you like the traditional look, this is for you! Find similar looks here!

Rug | Art Work | Gray Glider | Crib and dresser

Psst.. Need a room for the baby but working with a smaller space? Check this out!

Sibling + Baby Room

25. Rustic Twin Nursery

Wow this room was styled so beautifully. Super cool with no painting required! You can take something very simple and just make it gorgeous with pops of neutral color. I love the wall art, dark gray crib and brown leather rocker.

Project Nursery

26. Whimsical Shared Nursery

Whimsical and neutral, this nursery from Style Me Pretty is perfectly designed to grow with your babes.

27. Neutral Star Shared Room

Another neutral shared room will cool star decals! Shared rooms don’t have to be huge if you can plan out the space. Love the star decals and storage bed.


28. Black and White Shared Room

29. Three Sibling Shared Room

Bunk beds and a crib are great for three sibling rooms! Add a canopy tent and dresser and you are set.

three sibling shared room
Photo via @stace.welsh

30. Neutral Sibling Nursery

Magazine Inspired Nursery Rooms For Boys

31. Navy Nautical Room

Great look for a small space!

Source : Houzz

32. Bold Jungle Nursery

What a gorgeous idea for a nursery. Light and airy look with a unique spin with the bold jungle wall paper.

33. Stylish Nursery Room

This is magazine worthy! The materials are beautiful. Check out some similar looks that I found below!

Clear crib | Gray suede Rocker | Navy Curtains | Blue Ottoman

Source: Houzz

34. Contemporary Nursery

35. Light Space Room

A Unique and Beautiful way to design a nursery!


36. Gray Vehicle Wall Nursery


37. Space Flight Nursery

This is actually a pretty sweet set up for a nursery. You have all the basics plus storage.

38. Little Man’s Nursery

This look is just beautiful! I want it all. That is all. haha!

39. Boy’s Traditional Nursery

40. Natural Materials

Gorgeous! Find the beautiful flower wall paper here or make it yourself!

I personally plan to incorporate some of these ideas on a rolling basis. I think some will be better while the kid’s are young, and some may be a little better utilized once the kids are a little older.

Do you have any other ideas that you think I should add to the list? Please let me know in the comment section below! It’s not the easiest thing searching for kid’s nursery ideas I’ve come to find out so any bit up advise is gold.

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