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27 Fun and Easy Halloween Games For Kids

Are you looking for awesome Halloween games for kids? Well you don’t want to miss these! We included DIY Halloween games, printable Halloween games, Halloween games for kids who are younger, and even fun Halloween part games and ideas.

I love Fall. So so much. And once October hits, we get to step it up a notch and and add a little more spooky fun. I love it all! It’s never to early to start getting ideas for this year’s fun!

I scoured the internet looking for ideas that I thought were worthy of being included on this list, including some ideas you can print out or order, and great DIY ideas too. So take a look below and I hope you get inspired!

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DIY Halloween Games

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1. Witch Hat Ring Toss

For an easy, entertaining game for little ones, set up a ring toss with witch hats as cones. DIY your own rings by cutting the center out of paper plates.

Shop Witch Hats

2. Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Sacrifice a few toilet paper rolls to convert into ghoulish bowling pins. Cut the stem off a pumpkin and you’re all set with the perfect festive ball.

Get the tutorial at I Dig Pinterest

3. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Use mini pumpkins as the pieces (one color for Xs, and another for the Os) for this spirited take on the classic kids’ game.

Get the tutorial at Iron & Twine

4. Candy Corn Matching Game

This cute matching game for kids also functions as a festive candy corn banner! When you’re done playing, create the banner using some clothespins and rick rack.

Get the tutorial at I Dig Pinterest

5. Decorating Contest For Real or Fake Pumpkins

Decorating has become somewhat of a tradition in my home. Make it into a competition and you may just step up the fun! These are some or our pics from October 2020 Fall ideas!

Printable Halloween Games

This is great if you don’t have time for a do-it-yourself project or you need something last minute. Take a look at the ideas below and shop the look under the pictures!

6. Halloween BINGO

You don’t have to run to the store to find a fun activity for the kids this Halloween! This is a printable high resolution PDF file. Just print off of your computer!

7. Halloween Riddles

This super fun Halloween riddle game is great for the season. The one with the most correct is the winner.

8. Pumpkin Maze

Try your luck with this fun pumpkin maze!

Source: Woo Jr.

9. Spooky Maze

Try this spooky maze and many other printable learning games from Mommy Made That!

10. Halloween Game and Puzzle Bundles

A great way to take some of the pressure off! Try this 29 game bundle.

11. Roll A Skeleton Game

Perfect for the little ones and super cute. If you don’t have time to DIY, I found an adorable bubblegum machine costume!

Halloween Game Ideas For Younger Kids

12. Halloween Fun with a Mummy Game

Check it out at Kid’s Activity Blog!

13. Cup Knock Down

Draw little faces on white cups and assemble them in a tower. Kids can then try to knock as many as they can down with a small ball. Whoever gets the most is the winner!

14. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Take pumpkins with long stems and glow sticks and you’ve got yourself a seasonal, DIY ring toss game. Color the pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint and you can even play it at night!

15. Trap The Pom Poms and Rescue!

My kids still have this from last year!

For AMAZING costume ideas, check out my post on other DIY Halloween Costumes as well as our awesome post on our S’mores family diy costumes!

16. Pin The Spider on The Web

17. Bean Bag Toss Game Halloween Party Kit

18. Spider Races

Check out this fun game from Still Playing School!

19. Tarantula Toss

Spread spiderwebs (the white stretchy kind) in a space (doorway, corner of the room, etc.). Have players stand behind a line and toss little plastic spiders at the spiderweb until they can get three spiders stuck in the web.

20. Pumpkin Memory Game

Fun Halloween Party Ideas and Games

21. Mummy Bowling Game Halloween Party Kit

Clearly a classic! This is perfect for a Halloween Party for all ages 🙂

22. Eyeball Halloween Party Pinata

How awesome is this. I love when I find things that I’ve never seen before.


23. Halloween Party Games: Pop Goes the Pumpkin

Love this! Get the tutorial at here!!

24. Truth or Scare

Take a look at a great Halloween spin on this classic game!

25. Spider Toss Game

Step 1

Nark off a web: First make a giant asterisk, then connect the lines with strips of tape, working from the middle out.

Use number stickers to assign points to each tier. Get the rest of the tutorial here!

26. Pumpkin Run

Grab a bunch of mini pumpkins and you instantly have a fun activity. See more pumpkin games!

27. Would You Rather Halloween Edition

That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed these kid and family Halloween Game ideas ideas and your kids enjoy it as well. Please comment below and let me know some costumes that you have done in the past or plan to do this year! I would love some ideas!

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