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You’ll Love This Easy Winter Snow Globe Craft For Kids

Winter is here again, and what better way to welcome the chilly season than with a dash of creative flair and a sprinkle of snowflake fun? It’s time to gather the kiddos for a crafting session that’s sure to sparkle with our Paper Snow Globe Keepsake Craft for Kids.

All you need are a few simple items from around the house and an eagerness to create. This activity is not only a fun way to develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but it also gets them into the spirit of winter.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start creating a special piece that will add a personal touch to your seasonal decor. And if you’ve been enjoying our crafting series, this snow globe project is sure to be a hit! Don’t forget to follow us on TikTok and Instagram for more engaging crafts and playful activities.

 Snow Globe Craft For Kids

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Craft Materials

Materials needed for the Paper Snow Globe Craft:

  • Contact paper
  • White computer paper  or construction paper
  • A photo of your child enjoying themselves! ( You can cut the background out so it doesn’t have to be winter)
  • A hole puncher tool
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Optional: sequins or faux snowflakes for added sparkle

Snow Globe Activity Preparation

Now, let’s break it down step by step:

Capture The Moment

Start by printing out a favorite winter photo of your child. Action shots like playing in the snow, skiing, or sledding are perfect for this project.

Cut It Out

Carefully cut around the image of your child using scissors or a craft knife. For safety, moms should handle this step.

Create a Snowy Backdrop

Cut a piece of white paper into an oval that fits within the size of your contact paper. This will act as the background of your snow globe.

Punching Snow

Punch out white circles from paper to create faux snow. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can use pre-purchased paper circles.

Assemble Your Globe

Lay out one side of the contact paper, sticky side up, and arrange your child’s cutout and the paper snowflakes on it, creating a snowy scene. Make sure to put the photo face-down so that when the globe is turned over, you see the picture!

Seal with Care

Gently fold over the unused portion of contact paper on top, sticky side down, to seal in your winter wonderland. Smooth out any air bubbles and ensure it’s well sealed.

Date or Name

Use a permanent marker to write the year or your child’s name at the base of the cardstock or paper, turning it into a keepsake.

Display Your Craft

Your Paper Snow Globe can now be proudly displayed on a window, refrigerator, or wall, adding a personalized touch to your holiday decor.

As you place the finishing touches on your Paper Snow Globe Keepsakes, take a moment to appreciate the joy of crafting together. This craft goes beyond scissors and paper—it’s a hands-on opportunity for your kids to learn about the wonders of winter while honing their fine motor skills.

This snow globe craft is not just a fleeting holiday activity, but a treasure that can adorn your home year after year, bringing back sweet memories each time it’s displayed. And the best part? It’s a gift of time, creativity, and love that your children have crafted with their own two hands.

Stay tuned for more craft ideas. Enjoy this merry little project, and may your holidays be filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of family time well spent. Happy crafting, moms!

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