Valentine Crafts Toddlers

15 Valentine Crafts Toddlers Will Adore

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by today 🙂 I’m excited for you to check out these adorable Valentine crafts toddlers will absolutely adore.

Every year around this time, we start to hear all the talk about how Valentine’s Day isn’t a “real” holiday, but I  have always viewed it as a great day to take even more time out to express how much we love each other.

It’s especially great for young kids to be able to celebrate love between themselves and the ones who love them. So I decided to do a post for the Valentine’s day “holiday”! lol. I love these cute craft ideas and I think your kids will too!

Valentine Crafts Toddlers

Quick and easy activities are the necessary for young children because  there is absolutely no guarantee a toddler will give your activity the time of day. That’s one reason why I love to do crafts that can be used over and over again like my Chicka Boom Boom Tree Craft

Below I share a collection of V-Day activities that I view as simple, quick, fun, and creative 🙂 Enjoy! Also, if you are looking for cute gifts,  check out my post on personalized necklaces for mom to get some inspiration!

 Easy Preschool Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. One of my favs. This heart tree project is a fun and easy way for your toddler to be a creative! Check out this DIY craft project out at

Valentine heart tree

2. This cool crayon hearts arts project is creative and amazing! Very Cute. I will DEFINITELY be doing this project using this hearts baking pan. Check it out at

Crayon hearts craft

3. I love activities that are simple and easy for my toddler! ( and involve tearing) Check out this DIY heart at

Valentines tissue craft

4. I love doing hand print crafts with children because they make great keeptsakes. They are so fun to look back on to see how small our little darling used to be. Check it out at

Valentine hand print Craft

5. Kids love paint. It’s a fact. Probably because it’s messy. This is a great way to have a fairly mess free and simple craft idea for kids. See how it’s done at

DIY Heart Stamps

6. This one may get a little messy as well, so make sure to prep your table with a barrier. See how it’s done at

fun Vday hearts for toddlers

7. Again, keepsake craft ideas for kids are some of my favorites because they really last a long time and create great memories! Take a closer look at this at (Scroll Down)

Love Wall Art

8. How cute is this craft? You mean scribbling is aloud and we still get something adorable? Genius!

Simple Heart Art

9. Again, toddlers can’t get enough of paint and it’s even better for. us parents when its mess free paint. Gasp! This is a great idea for all ages.

mess free heart art

10. These Thumbprint Hearts are so fun! Find it at

Valentines Keepsake

11.  This is an endearing and fun footprint art idea for Valentine’s Day. Dads need love too!

Valentine Footprint activity for preschoolers

12. Keepsake projects are the best! They may take a little extra material and preparation, but the last forever. Check it out at

hand and foot print arts and crafts ideas for kids

13. This is a great creative craft idea for kids. Personally did this one yesterday and my son LOVED it. Noise is good lol.

Cotton ball paint Hearts

14. Aww this one is a great Valentine’s Day craft idea and its simple too! Check out this DIY activity at

pipe cleaner rose easy preschool craft ideas

15. My son loves chalk. Seriously, I mean he LOVES it. This is such a great way to allow toddlers to explore and play for this holiday of love!


More Cool Craft Ideas for the V-Day Holiday!

So I was back on YouTube the other day, looking for new hairstyle ideas (and how to do them), and I got sidetracked once again because, well, my children are clearly my life. I started looking up toddler crafts and activities videos for Valentines. I came across this great video that had even more ideas for you to look at.  Check it out!

It’s amazing what you can find on Pinterest 🙂 I just love these ideas and I know my children do and will love them too. If you enjoyed this post let me know below in the comment section! Show me what some of your ideas are as well!


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  • Daniel

    Wow so many beautiful crafts for Valentine! I enjoy in all of them but I especially like number 7! Also, those are pretty funny for all types of kids. I will definetely recomend this to my niece.
    Im really impressed, today kids should pay attention to that, and not only TV and mobile phones…

    • Kayla

      Thanks Daniel. Yes finding great activities outside of TV is so important! I’m just hoping to be a good source to provide that 🙂

  • Tiffany Domena

    Hi Kayla! I have a one-year old and I highly value the skills she gets from doing art projects. It’s so funny watching her interact with the paint as she is discovering her senses and motor skills. I think the projects you included would be alot of fun! My daughter did something like the #4 for Christmas, but of course, she made a Christmas tree, Which one do you plan to do first, and how old is your little one?

    • Kayla

      Hi Tiffany! I totally agree with you. I have a little boy who just turned 3 and a nearly one year old! I am soooo going to do the melted crayon project first and then I’m doing some of the keepsake hand and foot print projects.

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