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52 Stunning Small Bedroom Design Ideas Your Kids Will Love

This week I am really thinking about how to incorporate some great storage ideas into my son’s bedroom and it got me thinking about small bedroom design ideas for kids. We recently painted a few walls and changed up some furniture (which he loves), but my son has the smallest bedroom (his choice) and it’s always great to utilize the space well.

It’s a great challenge and I’m up for it! So I thought I would share some of the awesome research I’ve been doing.

Whatever the size of your space, maybe you have a small room to work with our maybe your kids are just sharing spaces, take a look at some of the ideas I put together below from various moms on the internet! You can also stroll on over to check out my post on clever bedroom storage and clever playroom storage as well.

Perfect storage for a small bedroom!

Small Bedroom Design Tips

Before we get started, remember to keep these tips in mind. You will see examples of these tips in storage ideas below!

1. Add light to the room if possible. Keep window treatments simple and save the heavy drapes for another room.

2. Use bright colors sparingly. Pops of color with a neutral pallet will keep the room from feeling closed in.

3. Find Clever ways to utilize storage space. Storage beds ad Murphy beds are a must

4. Use Paint, wall paper, or wall decals to draw the eyes to a feature wall

5. Wall mount Storage and lighting whenever possible

6. Hang curtains at the ceiling to create a tall effect

7. Avoid using oversized furniture

8. Try going will all white like the room shown below

For more small bedroom design tips, make sure to check out this article on HGTV!

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Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas For Girls

1. Accent Wall + Divider Curtain

and fi-

2. Half Brick Accent

I love how simple yet awesome this room design is for a small space!

3. Pink Monochromatic Space

I love, love, love this monochromatic hack for a small space!

4. Beautiful Bed Storage

Bed storage is a must in small rooms

(Image credit: Future Plc/Georgia Burns)

5. Beautiful Accent Panels

Find the Wall Art Here

6. Simple Neutral

Such a great way to keep the design simple for a small room. Check it out at Heather Krout

7. Twinkly lights

You can’t go wrong with light up accents

8. Neutral Shelf Storage

So Cozy and filed with toys. Perfect!

9. Wall Mounted Desk and Storage

One of my favs. Use the wall in small rooms!

10. Built-In Storage

11. Beautiful Wall Storage

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

12. Ceiling Mounted Curtains and Wall Storage

I’m currently drooling over this!

13. Loft Bed

14. Floating Night Stand and Accent lights

I’m obsessed with this look. Two must haves in one.

15. Cozy Bed Curtain With Lights

Shared Bedroom

16. Perfect Bunks

Is this perfect for storage in a small bedroom for two or what?? 🙂 Check it out at House Tweaking


17. Double Beds

18. Unique Shared (but not shared) Storage Beds

I love this idea and love the color! Check it out at House of Turquoise

19. Brother Sister Love

This is so beautifully designed

20. Twin House Beds

21. Storage Shelf Divider

22. Traditional Bunk Beds

Find the bed here and the toy storage here!


23. My Own Space, Bro (and Sis)

What a creative idea for boy/girl shared spaces!

24. Boy, Three’s Company

25. Girl! Three’s Company!

26. Twin Beds, Opposite Ends

I would have loved this sharing a room with my sister growing up! Two beds but ample space with our heads on opposite ends.

27. Shared Headboard Storage Beds

Very creative idea!

28. Accent Defined Spaces

I love this cute idea and will be trying it soon with my two daughters who we decided would share a room instead of having their own for now.

29. Accent Headboards

I love this idea and there are so many versions of personalized designs.

30. Animal Friends Personal Space

31. Personalized Wallpaper!

32. Big Boy Twins

So Cute! Check it out @Meg Piercy

33. Dainty Twins

Perfect for your girly girls, but not all pink 😉

34. Monotone Twins

Small Bedroom Design Ideas For Boys

35. Big Boy Loft

Cool idea! You can’t go wrong with a loft bed to utilize space and storage. Love the colors.

36. Double House Bed

37. Accent Wall Storage

38. Sports Accent Twin Beds

These sports look can be found all over the place with different designs! So customizable.

39. Daybed With Accent Ceiling

40. Awesome Loft Bed Bunk

41. Cozy Animal Accent Room

42. Dark Wall Accent

Loving the over-sized light up letter on the dark wall!

Photo by The Mom Edit

43. Window Seat Bed

44. Plane Theme Done Right

45. Let’s Hang Storage Loft Bed

Source: @housetohomeatlast via Instagram

46. Neutral and Airy

Source : @peli_pecas

47. Simple Color Block

48. Storage and Desk Accent Wall

Okay this is one of my favorites. So much utilized space on one wall! Talk about a genius move for cute storage and design! I love it!

49. Personal Space Monotone Divider

50. Cozy Loft Bed

51. Bohemian Done Right

52. Clean Lines and Storage

I hope you enjoyed this list and that it gave you some design ideas for small bedrooms to try with you family!

Do you have any other ideas that you think I should add to the list? Please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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