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8 Tips for Surviving Your Child’s First Haircut

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Recently I was fortunate enough to experience my child getting his first haircut and I am absolutely ecstatic that the experience was actually very positive. Many parents who have a two year old toddler at home know that at this age, the little ones can be very unpredictable and down right defiant at times (our little sweethearts :)). So when my husband and I realized it was definitely time for the first haircut, I was overcome with many emotions. I was proud, nostalgic, and quite frankly a little scared!  Luckily, with a little preparation, my spirited toddler did was absolutely amazing.

The celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve put together a list of my best tips to help you prepare for the big day. Let’s get started!

baby's first hair cut

1.Select a barber or stylist who has experience in working with young kids

There is a reason why this is my number one tip! A barber or stylist who knows what they are doing is invaluable! When searching for your child’s stylist you may have to research and even do some interviewing. The barber has to be able to work fast even with a child that is a little squirmy and they have to have patience as well. Experience with multiple children will be a key attribute to look for because you can then be assured that over time they have developed their own tips and tricks to make the experience great for your toddler.

2.Let them hold and listen to the clippers

If your son’s hair is thick, curly, and anything like my son’s hair, he may be getting his first “grown up” haircut with clippers  instead of only scissors. This can create an even greater element of fear and angst for you child. Quite honestly, who can blame them! I was so pleased that my child’s barber already knew to help him become more comfortable with the clippers before using them on his hair. My son was able to hold the clippers while it was turned so that when it was time to actually cut his hair, he was not startled by the sound of feeling of the clippers.

3. Bring your child’s favorite sit down toy or IPad.

Most parents at this point have already mastered the art of distraction if you have a toddler. The IPad was absolutely a life saver for me. Load the IPad with your child’s favorite games or videos and you just may get through the haircut without a hitch.

4. Make sure your tot is not sleepy or hungry

I pretty much use this rule for any activity that I do with my children. Tiredness and hunger can derail even your child’s favorite past time because they are just not yet equipped to deal with those feelings. Make sure to schedule the haircut way before nap time or just after nap time. Also, make sure to bring snacks and a drink! (SideNote: If you bring drinks, make sure to go to the potty before sitting down if your toddler is already potty trained)

5. Ease your child into it and let them see how the process works

I was pretty grateful that the barber we chose (my brother by the way haha) did not just jump right into cutting hair. He first took time to show my toddle how it works by pretending to cut his own hair with the clippers turned on. My little one was so intrigued!

ipad during first hair cut

6. Bring a security blanket or lovey

This one is pretty self explanatory. Anything that can make your child feel more comfortable is a plus.

7. Bring both parents if possible

Even if one parent is there just to take pictures, having two parents or another family member can be a big help. I was the designated IPad holder while my son was getting his first haircut while my husband did everything else. It worked out great!

8. Try to use a familiar barber

This one may be last but it is certainly not least. I was fortunate enough to have a brother who had experience cutting children’s hair. If you are not in that position, it may be helpful for your child to meet the barber or stylist prior to the hair cut. Even if it’s brief, it could help your child feel that much more comfortable.

I hope these tips have helped! If you have some tips you would like to share please feel free to share in the comment section below!

boy with new haircut


  • osbenson

    This is a nice topic for me as the father of two boys. It is even good to take the child to the select barber shop and play around even without barbing hair. The barber should be friendly and nice to the child so that on the actual day of barbing, the child should be happy to meet his friend.

    I am good in hair cut so I always barb my children hair.

    That was a good article.

  • Rawan Hajjar

    Thank you for the valuable tips, they are really helpful, since my mom is a barber, it makes it easier for me to cut my daughter’s hair without too much crying and distracting, and as you said if the toddler is sleepy or hungry the process would be too difficult, so we have to choose the best time to cut their hair.

    • Kayla

      No problem! The optimum time to cut is more important than a lot of people think. I almost thought about having that one as the number one tip 🙂

  • Henryan

    These are great tips. Many parents having a difficult time when having their child haircut, including me. When this first time my son got a haircut, he was scared and cried. When the barber started to cut and his hair fall, he felt uncomfortable with it. May be because when hair fell to his skin he felt itchy. But after the first experience, he began to enjoy next haircut. Thanks for these great tips.

  • Ivy Baker

    It is good to know that it would be smart to get a professional to help me choose how to best cut my child’s hair. It does seem like it would be smart to double-check with the BBB for good barbers in my area. Also, I would want to get a professional that is good with children.

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