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Arts and Crafts for Toddlers: Pull-up Box Painting

Hi ladies and gents! Here is a really quick idea involving arts and crafts for toddlers that any child will love! It actually turns out that non-focused art projects (process focused instead of product focused) for toddlers where they are able to be creative without a particular direction, is vital for development. You can read more about that HERE. So I have made a conscious effort to allow my children creative freedoms 🙂

I am all about saving money whenever possible so I was delighted when I re-discovered that some of my son’s old pull-up boxes that I was about to throw away were actually made for double use. (I knew I saved them for a reason lol)

These inside of these pull-up boxes actually are designed to be colored on, so I instantly thought to myself, painting would be super fun as well. Finger painting can be very messy, so these boxes were actually perfect because not only are they thick, but they cover a lot of space. (For spillage)

Take a look below at the fun that went down in the Hollomon house with pull-up boxes and a finger paining set from the Dollar Store.

Box Toddler Craft: How To

Paint Preparation

So I got creative today lol. I used an old baby bottle cleaner for the brush if he got tired of using his finger, and I used plastic bags and wrapping paper to protect the dining room table.

Arts and crafts for Toddlers Arts and crafts for Toddlers toddler art activities

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Paint Time!

Either find an old shirt or turn it inside out like I did here because this is messy lol.

preschool activities

Round Two a Few Days Later

toddler art  toddler crafts


Here are more greats ideas for toddler’s arts and crafts activities!

Would you try this with your toddler?? Let me know below! Also don’t forget to check out my post on 20 awesome arts and crafts ideas for kids and 9 of the best learning apps for preschoolers for more fun ideas for keeping your tot busy!


  • rmjia

    Hi, Kayla. This arts and crafts activity definitely looks like fun for toddlers. This is the kind of activity which will keep them busy for a longer time. I have been out of ideas for more activities. Glad I bumped into this one. This is definitely one good project for the little ones. Good idea, Kayla.

    • Kayla

      Thank you rmjia. I am glad it was helpful to you. It’s not always easy to keep coming up with new things to do with your toddler while also making sure you are fostering creativity and learning. This is just one I happened on. Make sure to check out some of the other ideas on the website!

  • Jaime

    The total joy of being a toddler – able to color outside the lines. What an adorable idea, and it’s eco friendly if you think about it because you’re recycling boxes. I feel like you could drag all sorts of fun into this with color paste sticks and construction paper, too.

    • Kayla

      Hmm Jaime you are giving me some great ideas 🙂 But yes I definitely feel your sentiment. Oh the joys of being a toddler. Someone to think of all these fun things for you to learn and be creative with lol.

  • Edwin

    Hello Kayla,
    thank you for sharing this wonderful kid friendly project with us. Hours of fun with materials most of us already have. Dare I say it’s as much fun for adults?
    LOL Who am I kidding, we all know it is.

    This would be great for a birthday party activity or even a play date with a few friends.
    Looking forward to more!


    • Kayla

      Edwin that actually sounds like a great idea. I could set up like 5 boxes and just let the kids go at it! High five to you lol. I will say I will probably do it outside though and yes I agree this is certainly fun for the adults too lol. 

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