awesome arts and crafts ideas for kids

20 Awesome Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

I love these 20 awesome arts and crafts ideas for kids and I think your kids will too! Quick and easy activities are the necessary for young children because  there is absolutely no guarantee a toddler will give your activity the time of day LOL. That’s one reason why I love to do crafts that can be used over and over again like my Chicka Boom Boom Tree Craft did my my son not too long ago. Below I share a collection of activities that I view as simple, quick, fun, creative, and even sometimes educational 🙂 Enjoy! (Also check out my post on Inspiring your Child to Love Learning while doing activities and crafts. It’s a great post on incorporating learning into your daily activities!)

Arts and Craft Count Down!

1.This fall leaf project is a fun and easy way for your toddler to be a creative! Check out this DIY craft project out at

fall leaf craft

2. These Popsicle Monsters are so fun! Fun craft ideas for kids like these are so creative. Find it at

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

3. Great for the holidays or anytime winter day in my opinion! Check out this DIY cane at

Candy Cane Toddler Craft

4. I don’t quite know why, but toddlers seem to love rainbows. Maybe it’s the colors. Check it out at

rainbow arts and crafts idea

5. Kids love paint, probably because it’s messy lol. This is a great way to have a fairly mess free and simple craft idea for kids. See how it’s done at

sponge paint arts and crafts ideas

6. Winter is here! This activity is great for the whole season. See how it’s done at

snowlake arts and crafts ideas

7. Paper craft ideas for kids are some of my favorites because there is no mess! Couple that with rainbows and your child will love it. See this at

rainbow arts and crafts for kids

8. How cute is this craft? You tot may need some help with this but painting with celery sticks? Genius!

fish arts and crafts ideas for kids

9. Again, toddlers can’t get enough of paint and it’s even better when its free paint. This is a great idea for all ages.

painting arts and crafts ideas for kids

10. This cool rainbow name arts project can also double as a learning activity! Very Cute. Check it out at

Tape color arts and crafts ideas for kids

11.  A great winter season activity. I would pre-cut some shapes for my son and load up on the cotton balls for a snowman family!

Fluffy Snowman arts and crafts ideas for kids

12. Keepsake projects are the best! They may take a little extra material and preparation, but the last forever. Check it out at

hand and foot print arts and crafts ideas for kids

13. This is truly a creative craft idea for kids. Personally did this one yesterday and my son LOVED it. Noise is good lol. Rain dance at

rain sticks arts and crafts ideas for kids

14. Aww this one is a great Valentine’s Day craft idea and its simple too! Check out this DIY activity at

pipe cleaner rose easy preschool craft ideas

15. As you can see, I like paint lol. It’s such a great way to allow toddlers to explore and a warm way to play with snow!

paint the snow arts and crafts for children

16. Love, Love, Love. Animals, paper, colors. All good things for the toddler imagination.

fun craft ideas for kids

17. This one does not need to be explained. Toddler and goop belong in the same sentence!

fun craft ideas for kids

18. I love paper plate activities because they are fairly durable. This bumble project is a great idea! See the process at

easy craft ideas for preschoolers

19. This is a great recipe. My son loves everything doughy and the playtime lasts for hours. See it at

easy craft ideas for kids

20. This fire truck shape craft for kids is simple and just a great idea. Check it out at

Cool Craft Idea!

As I was browsing YouTube the other day, looking for some smokey eye makeup tips(we all know YouTube can fix anything lol), I got sidetracked for a second and ended up looking at toddler crafts and activities videos. I came across this super cute video on how to make a caterpillar and I thought I would share this as a bonus. I love this activity because its basically super easy, colorful, and fun. Those attributes are right up my alley. Check it out!

It’s amazing what you can find on Pinterest 🙂 I just love these ideas and I know my children do and will love them too. If you enjoyed this post let me know below in the comment section!


  • Melissa

    Hi there, thanks for all your great ideas! I love the hand and foot design, and I think this will make a beautiful keepsake. We might test it out first and then make one as a present for the grandparents. We’ll follow that up with some toddler goop! Mine aren’t toddlers anymore but goop is fun whatever the age! Thank you

  • Corrine

    So many great ideas here, thanks! I have a very busy toddler and I’m always trying to find stuff for her to do. Have you done any of these crafts? She has two older siblings and I love to find projects that they can all do together, do you think any of these are good for older kids (7 and 9) as well? Thanks!

    • Kayla

      Yes I have done some of them and plan to do more! I will be posting an update soon.And yes I think almost all of these projects are great for kids of all ages. For the younger kids, the parents would just be a little more involved.

  • Stevie B.

    In LOVE with the popsicle stick monsters and can’t wait to try them! I also can’t wait to try the fill painting using celery to “stamp” out the scales – so creative.

    You might be able to put something other than rice in that rain stick to make different types of noises. Any suggestions?

    • Kayla

      I Love the monsters too! LOL. I’m thinking something a little bigger would make a strong sound. Those little candy beads that you find in the cake section are the first thing to come to mind.

  • Allan

    Your site is chock full of useful information. And you made it a fun read for your potential customers. As a grandpa, I can use this as a resource for all my grandkids, because they all love making different crafts and art projects. I will send a link to my daughter so she can make practical use out of your site.

  • Lauren

    What cute ideas you have here. Most of these I’ve never heard of before. I especially love the keepsake hand and foot design project, the rain sticks and the tape resist art project. I’m babysitting my grandkids a couple of days a week and they would love these great arts and crafts. My grandson especially loves firetrucks so I’ll bet he’ll want to try that colored paper firetruck project! Thanks!

  • Kenny

    Great sharing! I use to look up for tutorials in youtube to get more ideas on how to keep the kids busy and at the same time nurture their creativity. Looking through your article got me so excited as there are a lot of crafts that I have not try like the popsicle monster, painting snow and the cute octopus cupcake liner. Will definitely save this article and share this to other parents too. Thanks.

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