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Crafts To Decor: Turn Your Toddler’s Art Into Canvas Prints

One of the joys of parenthood for me is having the chance to watch our children grow into responsible humans. Throughout that journey, we get to witness the adorable ways that they show their development through art and keepsakes. And I absolutely love it!

Every scribble, stroke, and splash of color from a child is more than just a passing moment of creativity; it’s a milestone in their imaginative development and a cherished memory for our families. 

Transforming these vibrant expressions into canvas prints is a innovative and beautiful way to preserve these wonderful moments, turning spontaneous doodles into lasting pieces of decor that we can have in our homes. Here’s a simple guide to help you turn your little one’s precious doodles into lasting pieces of art. 

Toddler Art Into Canvas Prints

Step 1: Selecting The Artwork 

The journey begins with the careful selection of your child’s art. It’s about finding those pieces that not only showcase their burgeoning creativity but also resonate on a personal level. 

 Look for vibrant colors, interesting shapes, or any artwork that tells a story or captures a moment. The chosen pieces should be not only visually appealing but also meaningful, reflecting the essence of their early artistic endeavors. 

Step 2: Digitizing The Artwork 

Once the selection is made, the next step involves digitizing these artworks. Using a scanner will yield the best results, preserving the quality and detail of each piece. Alternatively, taking a high-resolution photo in natural light can also work well.  

It’s important to ensure that these digital representations maintain the integrity of the original artwork, capturing the depth of color and detail as accurately as possible. Minor adjustments might be necessary to bring the digital image as close to the original as possible. 

Step 3: Choosing A Printing Service 

Finding the right canvas printing service is key. A service should be selected based on its reputation for quality, options for customization, and overall value.  

Uploading the artwork to the chosen service’s platform marks the next step. Platforms like and other similar sites offer user-friendly services that make the process a breeze. 

It’s advisable to compare different services, taking note of their offerings and customer feedback. The goal is to find a service that will respect the integrity of the original artwork and translate it beautifully onto canvas. 

Step 4: Customizing The Canvas 

Customization is the stage where personal preference significantly influences the outcome. Many services provide a variety of options to enhance the final print, from selecting various frame depths to applying artistic filters, allowing for a tailor-made piece that resonates with the artist’s original intent and the aesthetic vision of the home.  

Additionally, some platforms offer the ability to add text overlays, perfect for including dates, names, or meaningful quotes, further personalizing the artwork.  

This customization process ensures that the final canvas print is not just a replication of the original artwork but a thoughtfully curated piece that harmoniously integrates with the space it adorns, enriching the room’s decor and overall ambiance. 

Step 5: Placing The Order 

After finalizing the design, the next step is to complete the purchase by providing shipping and payment information.  

This stage is crucial for reviewing all selections made, from the artwork to the customization options, ensuring everything is as desired. Applying any available promo codes or discounts at this point can also offer savings. 

Step 6: Preparing For Arrival 

With the order placed, anticipation builds as one prepares for the arrival of the canvas print. It’s an opportune time to consider the perfect spot for displaying the artwork, taking into account factors like lighting and visibility.  

Preparing the space can involve selecting the ideal wall, considering the layout of the room, and ensuring the necessary tools for hanging the canvas are at hand. 

Step 7: Displaying The Canvas 

Whether it requires a simple nail or a more secure hanging system, ensuring the artwork is displayed safely and prominently is key.  

It’s advisable to measure and mark the desired spot on the wall beforehand to ensure the print hangs at the perfect height and alignment. Additionally, considering the use of a level tool can help achieve a professional, visually appealing installation.  

Once hung, the canvas print not only adds a unique aesthetic to the space but also serves as a lasting tribute to the child’s creativity at this stage in their life. 

In Summary

Transforming toddler art into canvas prints is a beautiful way to elevate everyday creativity into something truly special and enduring. It celebrates the unfiltered imagination of childhood in a sophisticated, durable format. 

Not only does it enhance the aesthetic of home spaces, but it also acts as a meaningful encouragement to young artists, highlighting the importance of their creative contributions.  

Whether as a gift or a personal keepsake, these canvas prints stand as a testament to the joy, purity, and vibrancy of toddlerhood, captured in a form that families can cherish for a lifetime.

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