10 Amazing Toddler Fathers Day Crafts: Pinterest Edition


It’s that time of year again when we celebrate those special men in our lives! Dear Fathers, we thank you for being the support, the providers, the friends, the mechanics, the heroes, the shoulders to cry on, the bug handlers, the daddys, and sooo much more!

It is so special to celebrate father’s day starting from a young age so here are some great ideas for toddler Father’s Day Crafts! If you are traveling with the father in your life this year, make sure you check out my post on traveling with your kids!


Father’s Day Craft Idea 1

Hand and foot prints always make a great keepsakes! Check this out at www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com

Toddler fathers day crafts

Idea 2

Easy and a little messy, perfect for toddlers! clareslittletots.co.uk

fathers day craft


Idea 3

How cute is this one?? I love the catchy ones LOL. I will be doing this one today with my two children (shhhh :))  No website was available, only the image but the picture is enough!

fathers day arts and crafts


Idea 4

How much better can you get than father and child footprint! I love it! www.craftymorning.com

footprint arts and crafts


 Idea 5

You can’t go wrong with the father’s day interview. Adorable idea. smartpartyplanning.com

interview craft


 Idea 6

This one may take a little longer but it’s just so awesome! Check it out at smartpartyplanning.com

you rock fathers day project


Idea 7

I have a cute one for the little princesses out there! Dad will love this. (No link)

princess fathers day


Idea 8

Michael’s has absolutely great ideas for baby and toddler father’s day arts and crafts!

michaels fathers day crafts


Idea 9

Awesome free printable you can get HERE

fathers day printable

Idea 10

Pictures day a thousand words!! I love this idea. (no link)

fathers day chalk



Take a look at the great video for more ideas!


I love this Father’s Day ideas. Please let me know in the comment section if you like them and share some of your ideas and experiences! Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter on the right side of this page to get all of my updates and also 2 free milestone e-books!


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