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Easy Preschool Portrait Activity: Shape Self Portraits


Today I thought I would share something quick and easy to do with your preschoolers! I LOVE doing projects with my children, but simple crafts like preschool portrait activities are also very necessary. Sometimes, all I have time to do is whip something together to entertain my child for a little while. Thus we have… shape self portraits!!

This is a low prep activity that involves cutting up some paper 🙂 And maybe a little help forming facial features depending on the age of you child. The great thing is the craft is an all day, on again, off again, activity. The kiddies can make multiple faces if they want to, or just one and call it a day.

You can do this craft activity with materials that you may already have in the house already (glue, construction paper, scissors, markers). A little cutting on your part and then the kids are set to go.

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Self Portrait Activity for Preschoolers

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1.You can use pretty much any type of construction paper want. I like using the big sheets of 10×18 construction paper for the canvas and the smaller ones for the shapes.

3. We used some cool scented markers for any features, etc.

4. Stick glue or school glue


  1. Grab Supplies
  2. Cut Shapes and provide different skin tones for learning and fun
  3. Form the self portraits 🙂

It was really helpful the kids to plan it out before they actually started to glue it down!

Take a look at the pictures below!

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I hope you enjoyed this preschool portrait activity post and it gave you some great inspiration!

Please comment below and let me know some activities you do to keep your kids entertained! I would love to see some additional ideas!

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