awesome toddler matching games using cars

Awesome Toddler Matching Game using Cars

Toy Cars and Numbers!

If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for free, fun, and easy ways to help your toddler stay active and happy. If you throw in a little bit of educational learning time then you score bonus points!

That is why I was ecstatic when this easy toy car garage project was completed. My 2 year old at the time absolutely loved it and he was able to work on his numbers as well. All the materials used were found in my home, so I will share how this particular project turned out. But honestly, you can be as creative as you want and go as big or small as you want.

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As I said before, I just used materials I found around the house! An old pizza box, a second empty box, some cardboard paper, duct tape, a marker, and alphabet and/or number stickers (or paper and clear tape)

How To

First, if you are using an enclosed box, you will want to cut the top off of the box. Next, if the box needs it, you will tape up any sides that are lose. Next, I decided to duct tape the cardboard paper on the bottom of the pizza box and also duct tape the sides. This was purely aesthetics, I just wanted to cover up the pizza signs. 🙂 Next, you can cut a square out of the box to allow cars to “roll in” and you can even attach a separate “VIP” garage with duct tape as shown in the first picture. Haha!

Number Match

Next, I used a black marker to make parking space lines and draw numbers and letters on each parking space. I then used some stickers I had laying around to match those numbers and letters to corresponding cars.

Let’s Play!

Depending on how old your toddler is, you may need to show them how it works. With my son, I rolled the cars in through the openings and “drove” the cars to the corresponding number and/or letter parking spots. Before I knew it, he was having fun on his own! Does your toddler love cars or matching? Share below!


If your toddler is just starting out with matching, here is a great video to help them learn the concept.


  • Doug Arthur

    This is a really great idea! My grandson has the cars for it. And maybe it will keep them in one place instead of all over the house. I think I’m going to order a pizza tonight and get started.

  • Brandon

    Oh wow. I can’t use this since my kids are past this stage. However, my sister has a toddler, so this is definitely something that we can use and benefit from. I highly agree with you too, I enjoy fun and free games, or games that don’t take too much time to create. As this one only requires 15 minutes of our time, as you clearly outlined, it makes a great choice!

    What a great post, thank you so much for this.

    Kind regards,

  • asmithxu

    This is a great game. I am all for anything that teaches kids how to count and helps them have fun at the same time. This actually seems like a really great exercise for one to one correspondence.

    One thing that I like is that you can really use anything, not just cars. If your kid is into animals, you could do this with animals, for example. Really a fantastic and versatile activity.

  • Diellebee

    This is a great idea Kayla! not only you are doing arts and crafts together with your children but also it’s showing how we can reuse materials, and showing numbers along the way. It also works as storage box for the cars! I’m definitely doing this one with my little one when he’s a bit bigger (hes’ only ten months now). I love your idea, thanks so much for sharing.

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