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Preschool Math Activity: Snack Math!


Hello There! Welcome to my site. Today I thought I would share a super fun idea I completed with my son the other day! A preschool math activity that kids will really have fun with is not always easy to come up with, so when I got this idea, I thought it would be nice to do a quick post.

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Simple Math Preschoolers Will Love

So this is obviously not rocket science, but this is what we did to complete the activity!

  1. I grabbed one of my larger sized blank pieces of white paper. ( I would use a larger white paper to make it easier. The more space you have for snacks, the better)
  2. I drew out an are for addition and subtraction. Be sure to leave enough room for the snacks and enough room after the equal sign.
  3. Then I had my son pick the snacks to use! (soo optional, I was ready to take over if he didn’t pick the right snacks lol)
  4. Then I proceeded to set up equations and have him answer them in snacks. He also began making his own equations. Check the video below 🙂
  5. That’s it. Be creative and have fun!

Take a look below!

maths games preschool


math preschool activities

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You know everyone is having fun when you end it with the family hand shake! This is what memories are made of. Take a look!

I hope you enjoyed this easy preschool math activity that I think your kids are sure to love. I also hope that it gave you some great ideas for other projects! It’s not easy to always have crafts and new learning experience at your finger tips, and now that many of us are home with ours kids everyday with nowhere to go, I hope you get a chance to enjoy the times, instead of worry about what you should do next with the kids!

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This simple ideas is definitely a favorite in my house! Do you have any other ideas that you think I would be great for fun learning? Please let me know in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you!

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This preschool math activity must be added to your routine of preschool activities! Learning activities are a must at this age and this one is super fun and yummy!



  • Riley

    This is a very beautiful idea. You know, I never thought of anything this close before. The truth is that some kids tend to be very sad when it comes to maths but if it can be spiced up then I guess there shouldn’t be a lot of problem. Sis really did enjoy learning this. I have to use this technique on my little niece. Thanks a lot.

  • Ella

    Being creative is one thing that comes in handy when teaching maths to kids and especially one’s kids. This us really a great idea that I feel would really be beneficial to the kids so far there is proper planning and all to it. I actually like the suggestion in here as most kids would be drawn to it. I will give it a trial with my kids too and let you know of the outcome. Thanks

  • Paolo

    Hi Kayla! I love spending quality time like this with my wife and kids and thank you very much for this preschool math activity. Yeah, we’re all here at home but with activities as these we build lasting memories.

    I’ll go right now and search for the largest blank piece of white paper! 🙂

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