Mother's Day craft ideas kids
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Keepsake Mother’s Day Craft Ideas Kids Will Love To Gift


If you’re searching for memorable Mother’s Day craft ideas kids can create and gift, here’s a charming and easy project: the Footprint Magnet! This delightful craft not only captures a moment in time but also serves as a perfect keepsake for family members, especially grandparents. Let’s dive into this fun activity that combines creativity, family bonding, and a touch of messiness that all kids love!

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Mother's Day craft ideas kids

 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas: Footprint Magnet

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Mother’s Day Craft Materials

Check out these very simple materials needed for the Footprint Magnet Craft:

Mother’s Day Activity Preparation

Now, let’s break it down step by step:

1. Trace and Cut Out Heart Shape

Trace a heart shape onto the white card stock or construction paper. This will be the base of your keepsake craft. Then, carefully cut out the heart shape with scissors.

2. Paint Your Child’s Foot

Pour some non-toxic, washable paint onto a sponge or paper towel in a dish. Gently press your child’s foot into the paint, making sure to coat it evenly. It’s a great idea to do this while they are sitting to avoid all of the extra wiggling 🙂

Create the Footprint

Press the painted foot onto the center of the cut-out heart, leaving a colorful impression. Wash your child’s foot immediately after stamping. Next you will want to grab a second color and repeat these steps with the other foot.

3. Add Personal Touches

Once the paint is dry, decorate the space around the footprint with markers or paint pens. You can write “Happy Mother’s Day,” your child’s name, date, or any other heartfelt messages.

4. Place the Photo

Cut a small circle in the heart where you’d like to place the photo. Next, attach the photo behind the heart so it peeks through the circle.

5. Seal with Care

Cut a piece of clear contact paper that is larger than your heart. Place the heart face-down on the sticky side of the contact paper. Fold the contact paper over the other side of the hear. Then, smooth out any bubbles and ensure it’s fully adhered. If you don’t have contact paper, you can use clear tape or a lamination tool!

6. Cut Out the Heart Again

Next, Use scissors to trim around the heart, leaving a small border of contact paper to ensure it is completely sealed.

7. Attach the Magnet

I love to use the small magnets that have sticky tape already on the back. You can also use glue or a hot glue gun to attach a small magnet to the back center of the sealed heart.

8. Display Your Craft

Check all edges to ensure they are sealed. Add any additional decorations or messages as desired and add it to your fridge. 

As you attach the magnet to your colorful Footprint Keepsake, take a moment to soak in the beauty of what you’ve created with your little ones. This craft is more than just paint and paper—it’s a playful path to connection, allowing your children to express their love in the most personal way.

This Mother’s Day craft goes beyond a simple activity to represent tiny toes and big hearts, a memento that will endure through the ups and downs of family life. Every time you catch sight of it on the fridge, it’ll remind you of this day, the laughter, and the tiny hands you helped to guide.

Stay tuned for more craft ideas that bring together fun, learning, and the art of making memories. Treasure this heartfelt keepsake, and may your Mother’s Day be as joyful and full of love as the moments spent creating these precious gifts. Happy crafting, and here’s to celebrating motherhood, today and every day!


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