Learning Activities: Sticker Sorting!

Most of my friends and family will tell you that when it comes to my children, I love to find creative ways for them to both learn AND have fun. Babies and toddlers have such an innocent curiosity to learn anything they possibly can so it really doesn’t take much for us parents, grandparents, and caregivers to be creative

Matching board

with our day to day activities. And the great thing is that sometimes the simplest things can turn into the absolute best toddler activities! This sticker sorting activity is one of my favorites because not only is it a fun learning activity, but it’s also extremely simple and cheap as well! I will say without shame that not breaking the bank is a very important must for almost all of my activities. Below I explain how easy it is to include this simple activity as a part of your learning activities!

“And the great thing is that sometimes the simplest things can turn into the absolute best toddler activities”

board and stickers

Get Your Supplies

This is probably one of my favorites parts of this activity. I LOVE shopping and I LOVE finding value for cheap prices even more! This sticker sorting activity is what I call a “Dollar Store Find”. Everything you need can be found with one trip to the dollar store and shouldn’t cost any more than 2-3 dollars! Here is a list of the items you will need if you don’t already have them at home.

  1. A page of stickers
  2. A poster board of your choosing. ( I like to use a white background for colorful stickers)
  3. Markers
Pick  Your Topic

Preferably, the sticks should be a variety page that you can sort into different sub-categories. For example, a sticker page full of yellow stars will not allow for a sorting toddler activity. However, if you have have a sticker page with stars that are all types of shapes and colors, your child would now be able to sort them into categories such as “green stars” “large stars”, “yellow starts”, etc. My preference is animals, shapes, planets, and basically any and every category that happens to have numerous sub-categories. In this post, I talk about my sorting activity using sea animals.

matching board

Write Out Your Categories

Again, this part of the activity is very simple and only takes a minute or two. Using your markers, write out all of your sticker subcategories onto the board. There is no right or wrong with this step. It can be written sideways using multiple colors if you like.

Whatever you are feeling that day, just go with it 🙂 My only suggestion is to complete this step BEFORE your child gets a hold of the stickers! It may just be my toddler, but waiting on sticker play is an absolute problem lol. In fact, one of my most important tips for any activity involving toddlers is to try your best to have things already set up before you present activities to you tots, if possible.

Prevention is Key!

“One of my most important tips for any activity involving toddlers is to try your best to have things already set up before you present it to them.”

Let the Fun Begin!

Depending on how old your child is, you can simply ask them where the stickers go, or in a case like mine where my son is two years old, you may want to sort a few stickers for them first so they can have time to comprehend how the activity works. For example, I placed the shark sticker just under the word “shark” and then handed the next sticker to my son. He then decide to put the stickers beside the words instead of under them. Toddlers LOVE to show their independence! So I always try to allow for flexibility with these types of activities. Once you get a few stickers on the poster you can either sit back and watch, or continue to guide your tot and ask them where the sticker should go. I prefer the latter 😉


I also love to buy alphabet stickers! It’s an easy way to practice sight words, letter sounds, and reading! Again, this is one of my “Dollar Store Finds”! Quick, easy, fun, AND Educational. You can’t beat that! Have you tried sticker activities with your toddler? If so let me know below!

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  • Denee

    Awesome idea! My baby is just three months old but I love learning about fun ways that I can let her explore the world, even if it may be a little bit of time away!

  • Francine Brown

    What a cool post! Thank you, I will share this with my brother and sister in law for their kiddos. Better, yet I will do this with them when they are with their Auntie.. Thanks for all of the great information.

  • Dira

    Great idea! It is a great way of keeping toddlers busy and it is so simple to do (and cheap). I usually babysit for my niece and it is amazing how much energy they have when you least expect it. This is a nice way to have them occupied and have them learn something at the same time. The alphabet stickers is also a good idea but that depends on the toddler right? Once they can identify letters and words through the image stickers then we can start with the letters? Or do you do both exercises at the same time?

    • Kayla

      Thank you! Because the activities are pretty flexible, I would do both. The alphabet stickers allows your toddler/niece to pretty much explore. You can help her talk through it and start as early as you like. The images are great for any time as well! They learn so fast!

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