Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids
Holiday Crafts and Fun

36 Awesome Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids


Make your holidays with the kids extra special by taking full advantage of 36 awesome Christmas craft ideas for kids!

I know from first hand experience that it can be difficult to continuously come up with activities and crafts for our kids to enjoy.

Many of our readers will see me admit on more than one occasion that although I devote time to crafts, coming up with ideas and planning those ideas out is something that I simply procrastinate on… alll the time! (And side note: that’s one reason why I offer my free printable kids planner to my readers and subscribers. Trying to help people like me lol )


As you go through the list you will see many of the activities are for toddlers, which is ages 1-3. But you will also see that i have included activities for preschool aged children as well as school aged children as well.

I think when it comes to the holidays, especially the keepsake crafts, giving your younger kids just a little extra help to do the crafts that are meant for a slight old child can pay off big time with the final masterpiece (as my 4 year old son calls it)

A few of these activities are my own that my kids have tried and the rest are either some of my go-to crafts, or I just really want to try them.

Overall, after four years now of doing activities with and for toddlers, (my son is almost 5), I have learned through trial and error that keeping it simple will win in the end. So that’s what you will find here! Enjoy!

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36 Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

3 Tips to Breeze Through Activities

Before we dive right into my favorite 50+ toddler activities, I wanted to share some hard-earned tips I’ve picked up over the years.

  1. Prepare materials ahead of time so they are not waiting on you (patience is not my two year old’s virtue)
  2. Let your toddler explore and don’t get impatient or disheartened if the project goes left! Life is unpredictable and so are our toddlers.
  3. Plan for a mess where applicable. Hey life is short. If my toddler wants to get up and come back to it later, then so be it!

I also highly recommend the book The Toddler’s Busy Book , by Trish Kuffner if you need more ideas!

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Super Fun Christmas Activities

Make Your Holidays with the Kids Extra Special and Memorable By Taking Full Advantage of 36 Awesome Christmas Crafts for Kids!

1. Decorate a Giant Ginger Bread Person with Happy Toddler Playtime

2. Make some gooey Christmas Grinch Slime

3. Do an awesome Snowman Christmas Countdown Craft

4. Create a Christmas Bow Sticky Wall

5. Get creative with a Cotton Ball Snowmen Craft

Homemade Holiday Ornaments

snowman ornament craft

1. Make white Snowman popsicle stick ornaments

2. Have your toddler make an easy Santa hat ornament like buggyandbuddy

3.Create some fun Yarn Christmas Tree Ornaments for your tree

4. Decorate some clear ball ornaments from the dollar store

5. Make amazing ornaments out of cupcake liners

6. Make some smell good 3 Ingredient Cinnamon Cookie ornaments

7. Help your kids make a cute Santa Wishlist Ornament

8. Have fun with this easy Ribbon Tree Ornament craft idea

9. Use what you have in the house to make this Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

10. Get out some glue a create this Button Snow Flake Ornament with the family

Easy Christmas Tree Crafts

1. Try not to eat this awesome Pasta Christmas Tree

2. Put together a Craft Sticks Christmas Tree with glitter, construction paper, and craft sticks.

3. Have some fun with this easy Pom Pom Painting Tree Craft

4. Connect with nature and paint a Pine Cone Christmas Tree

5. Get some learning in during Christmas break and set up a Christmas Tree Ball Sort

6. Capture the moment in time and use your little one’s thumb to make Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art

7. Use a fork to paint a Christmas Tree like PinParent

8. Have your child decorate a Christmas Tree Ice cream Cone

9. Use your tot’s pointed down hands to create a Handprint Christmas Tree

10. Cut pieces of colored paper and make a Tissue Paper Tree

11. Do a Shapes Christmas Tree with poster board and construction paper like I did in a previous Keep Toddlers Busy post.

Holiday Keepsake Craft Ideas

salt dough foot print

1. Bake a 3 ingredient Salt Dough Santa Ornament

2. Use your little one’s footprint and bake a 3 ingredient Salt Dough Footprint Snowmen

3. Use paint and construction paper to create a Foot Print Christmas Tree

4. Grab a potholder from the Dollar tree and use paint to make a Hand print Christmas Potholder

5. Use paint and a little foot print to make a Cute Mistle Toes Art Craft

Holiday Name Activities

Snowman craft

1.Use some white and black construction paper to make a Name Snowman

2. Use your child’s name on the legs to make a Christmas Elf Name Craft

3. Grab some pine cones and green paint to make a Glitter Pine Cone Name Craft

4. Get some green construction paper and make Christmas Tree Name Craft using letters for each tree layer

5. Grab some bells and glue and spell out names to make a Jingle Bell Names craft

I really hope that you enjoyed this list! What are some of your favorite holiday crafts and activities? Please share below. We’d love to try some new activities!

christmas craft ideas for kids



  • Henderson

    Wow, there is so much information on this website on what I can do this Christmas. The whole family will be together so this comes as a very good thing for me. There are a number of kids in the family and making crafts with them will be very good. Thank you for sharing this one. I will go through all the links you provided one by one. Thank again.

  • Stephanie

    I actually tried making a colored tissue paper Christmas tree and a snowman some years ago with my little cousin that was 3 at the time. It was absolutely fun and we even kept this idea and we did it for two years in a row. This type of activities even sound fun for grow-ups! I will make sure to send this to my aunt since she’s a big DYI fan and has a 5 year old, that I’m pretty sure will enjoy all of these ideas. 

  • KingAndrea

    This is really interesting, 36 Christmas craft ideas for kids is a good idea and it’ll definitely be of great help to me and to others too. My best part of Christmas activities is the decorations, while I was growing up, I assisted with the decorations of the Christmas tree and the house generally. This details will help engage our kids in Christmas activities. 

  • arzu hosan

    First of all, thank you so much for writing such a beautiful article. You made a wonderful post on your article about kids. n fact, I couldn’t figure out how to keep my kids busy this Christmas day. I got a nice idea from your article. Holiday Name Activities Ideas I like very much and I will let my kids do it

  • Wildecoll

    I don’t know how some people do find Christmas to be a boring season, don’t be surprised I have a cousin who does, maybe he’s always jobless and less busy, with some of these ideas even though they were specifically made for kids, he’ll find two to three things he can lay his hands on to keep him busy and what of the fun of Christmas. It’s thoughtful of you to share this article.

  • Claude Langlais

    The day I had young children is very far behind me but I appreciate your site because I know it is not always easy to occupy our youth and you offer very interesting alternatives.

    Your videos and your ideas are very relevant.

    You almost make me want to have more children.

    You have a very interesting site and very well documented.

     Very creative! Congratulations.

  • Irin Ahmed

    Hi Kayla Hollomon, Such a beautiful article which I’m looking for! Yes Christmas is coming and I’m trying to do different things in this year. From your article I got so many idea! But one thing I love to know, the white Snowman popsicle stick ornaments you suggest which elements I need to make of it. Thanks again to share such a wonderful article!

    • Kayla

      All you really need is craft stick, paint, and markers from the dollar tree! You can add any additional decorating item that your child may like 🙂

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