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The Best April Showers Preschool Sight Word Activity


Winter officially ended, which means we get to head right in to spring season activities! School has started back full force after spring break as well so we are getting back to doing our learning crafts and activities.

So a few days ago both my almost four year old daughter (and my 6 year old) did this super cool preschool sight word activity as a continuation of our Winter sight word activity. We included matching and and letter sounds too, so I thought I would share!

I read somewhere (lol) that kids know about half of what they need to know to read if they know the first 100 sight words. I recently tested my daughter on the previous set of 15 and 14 sight words and she knew them all so I decided to put up the next 12.

It’s a fun way to practice words and we leave it up on the door to practice a few minutes a day! This contact paper has been such a neat way for the kids to learn. I’m loving it.

I also want to make a point that expose our children to new concepts can be good if we are not expecting perfection. In this case, big brother took the lead, but Skyla was actually able to learn from him. I plan to keep these words up until they are recognizable to my little one, and then we move on to the next.

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Preschool Sight Word Activity


The Materials were super fun for the winter learning activity and the outcome was so adorable! It looked so good that we decided to keep it up and continue to learn from it.

  1. Con-Tact clear adhesive paper or clear adhesive liner ( this is what I used, bought from Walmart pickup :))
  2. Construction Paper. I usually buy three or four bundles at a time because they can be used for sooo many things.

3. Pom Poms, small buttons, Stickers, or whatever extra material you like if you want to add extra decoration.

4. Marker and scotch tape

5. Scissors

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Preparation (20 minutes)

  1. I prepared this activity ahead of time while the kids were playing in another room.
  2. First start with cutting out all of the umbrellas and rain drops. I cut out 12 umbrellas, 12 umbrella handles, and and enough rain drops for all of the words with the white paper.
  3. Make sure to fold the construction paper multiple times so you can cut multiple multi-colored shapess at one time.
  4. I cut out some extra rectangles to decorate the top, side and bottom of the adhesive paper as well.
  5. Next write your chosen word on each big umbrella.
  6. Then I wrote the letters on the rain drops as well.
  7. Now we grab the contact paper. Cut a portion that is large enough to add your desired amount of umbrellas. I actually cut pieces of contact paper that were a little too small so be sure to allow room for the umbrella handles and rain drops.
  8. Next, peel the edges of the contact paper down to expose the sticky side. Attach some scotch tape to the paper with the sticky side up and tape it to the wall or door around the edges of the sheet.
  9. Your little one will then be able to build the umbrellas first, then match the sight words by adding the rain drops!

And there you have it! Take a look below!

Sight Word Matching, Words, and Spelling

I chose to make a sight word matching sorting activity that included lots of colors by adding little multi-colored umbrellas.

This part is certainly open to preference, but I will say my daughter really enjoyed it.

They had a great time ? Find more fun ways to practice sight words here!

I hope you enjoyed this fun April Showers sight word activity for kindergartners and preschoolers! Please comment below and let me know some learning activities that keep your kids entertained! I would love to see some additional ideas!

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