Looking for A Fun and Easy Corn Craft Preschoolers Will Love? Well Check Out This Awesome Fall Craft That Will Keep Your Child Occupied for The Season! #fallcraftsforkids #corncraft #thanksgivingcraft
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A Fun And Easy Preschool Corn Craft for Fall


This fun corn craft for preschoolers and toddlers was a great activity for the kids! They were able to celebrate the season and even practice some fine motor skills.

Like many of my kids crafts and small projects, this particular craft took about 5 minutes to set up and has an easy level of difficulty once everything is ready to go. I helped a lot with the initial cutting of the corn shapes.

I hope you enjoy the craft and please leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas after checking out the setup! I suggest allowing your kids to pick the colors for the corn and just let them get creative. (and a little messy)

Looking for A Fun and Easy Corn Craft Preschoolers Will Love? Well Check Out This Awesome Fall Craft That Will Keep Your Child Occupied for The Season! #fallcraftsforkids #corncraft #thanksgivingcraft

Again, the set up for this is super easy so take a look at how we did this toddler fall project quick and easy!

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Preschool Corn Craft

Easy Craft Materials

  1. Colored Construction paper. I used a few different types of yellow and then green as well.
  2. School Glue and glitter glue. You will need to let it dry fully to stick.
  3. Cereal– We used cheerios and an old box of Fruit Loops.
  4. Craft Sorting Tray I got both of mine from the dollar tree

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Preparation (a few minutes)

  1. I got the materials ready within a few minutes and put them all in my craft sorting tray.
  2. Next I cut the corn and stalks ahead of time and put those in the tray as well.
  3. We then glued the ALL of the corn and stalks together first, before we added anything else.
  4. Then we used glue and glitter glue to attach the cereal and cherios to the paper. Make sure to add ample glue so that it sticks, but not so much that your paper breaks.
  5. Then we let it dry for a few hours! The more glue you add, the longer it will take to dry.
  6. Remembering to allow enough time for drying is super important since we used construction paper. But also it’s a good ideas to DOUBLE UP ON THE CORN PAPER. The glue and sticking will make the paper wet.
  7. And their you have it!

Take a look below!

And that’s it! With this activity the best part is the process of making the touch and feel corn. I ended up saving just one in my box of kids crafts 🙂

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I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy corn craft for preschoolers and toddlers! Please comment below and let me know some paint activities that keep your kids entertained! I would love to see some additional ideas!

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    Thank you so much, I and my wife just followed your instructions and it worked with my son and our neighbours child. I thought it wouldnt but before I knew it my wife was out with virtually every thing and we were able to sit the children down for the craft. They asked questions about corn, how they plant and harvest. I was able to explain to them and also explained the various uses. Instead of just roaming around, we sat them down and had fun.  I appreciate your post!

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